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    21 Things You'll Get If You're Already Ready For Fall

    Summer's over. It's cancelled. We don't need summer when we have fall.

    1. It's not that you hate summer necessarily — it's just that it lasts too damn long.

    2. No matter how excited you are at the beginning of summer, 90-degree days get old real fast.

    3. Fall honestly can't get here soon enough.

    4. Summer is pretty in its own way, but absolutely nothing compares to the beauty of fall.

    5. That's because everything is prettier when the leaves change, the days shorten, and the summer fades — I'm talking cities, the country, even PEOPLE.

    6. Nothing puts you in a good mood like a crisp fall day.

    7. And you'd take sweater weather over a T-shirt and shorts any day of the week.

    8. Seriously, you can't wait to start adding layers instead of wearing the least amount of clothing possible.

    9. And just to get this out there, chunky socks and boots > sandals, forever and always.

    10. Iced coffee is great and all, but just the thought of sipping your first pumpkin spice latte brings a smile to your face.

    11. Actually, that goes for anything pumpkin spice.

    12. You eagerly await your first caramel apple of the season.

    13. And you'd drink a hot chocolate or apple cider tonight if it weren't so damn hot out.

    14. Fall's the coziest time of year, basically made for staying in and wrapping up in a big blanket.

    15. That is, until the falling leaves beckon you outside for a walk through the crunch, crunch, crunch.

    16. Fall means going apple picking...

    17. ...and circling up around a glowing campfire...

    18. ...and picking out the perfect pumpkin.

    19. And of course, fall means HALLOWEEN, which you spend the entire year looking forward to.

    20. Some people might say you're jumping the gun...

    21. ...but they'll never convince you of that! 💛🍂