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    Updated on May 1, 2020. Posted on Apr 27, 2020

    14 Emails Students And Professors Have Actually Sent Each Other During Quarantine

    "I recently came into some money. ... In two more weeks, I'm gone. I'll not be bothering with Canvas and Zoom."

    1. This philosophy professor who was philosophically so over teaching.

    Twitter: @brynndle_n / Via Twitter: @brynndle_n

    2. This professor who put things in perspective.

    Twitter: @trujillo_jewell / Via Twitter: @trujillo_jewell

    3. And this professor who's a confirmed devil's lettuce aficionado.

    My professor did NOT just start his email like this 😂

    4. This professor who opted to play Animal Crossing instead of posting notes online.

    My professor just ended his long email discussing our recent test by letting us know instead of uploading more notes this weekend he’ll be playing Animal Crossing.. take your time Richard #ACNH

    5. And this professor who has absolutely no idea what Animal Crossing is.

    6. This student who was perhaps a little too honest about her wakeup time.

    deadass just had to send this email to my professor lol

    7. This professor who responded to a student SIX whole years later.

    Twitter: @SparkinLark / Via Twitter: @SparkinLark

    8. This student who asked a very important question.

    i shouldn’t be given the emails of my professors

    9. This professor who's at their breaking point.

    on today’s episode of professor’s and rachel’s emails: ... same

    10. This professor who emailed about gay Teletubbies, and honestly, I'm dying to know more.

    Have you ever recieved an email from your 82 year old professor and the subject line said *this*

    11. This professor who made quite the quarantine promise.


    12. This professor who was very down with coronavirus slang.

    I emailed my professor and referred to the virus as “Miss Rona” and he deadass emailed me back with the same energy and I love him.

    13. And this professor whose response was far from professorial.

    asked my professor if i should send him my thesis to check and he literally emailed me this back. it's just haunting me

    14. And finally, this professor who's of the more old-school variety.


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