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19 Emails I Can't Believe Students And Professors Actually Sent Each Other

"If I don't get to sleep in, ain't nobody in this university gonna get to sleep in."

1. This student who seriously asked their professor if they'd accept a picture in place of a thousand words:

2. This professor who frankly didn't give a shit:

3. This student whose phone autocorrected their professor's name, Diana, to "daddy."

4. This professor who graciously invited a student who'd been skipping class to an exam:

5. This student who forgot to change the file name of their final paper before sending it in:

6. This professor who "set the tone for the entire course":

7. This professor who was worried about accidentally killing their students:

High school teachers: your college professors won’t be nearly as laid back as I am My college professor:

8. This student who tried to beg and plead their way out of having to retake Dr. Huang's chemistry course:

9. This professor who went along with a typo:

10. This student who got trashed, emailed his professor "I'm sorry that u r bald," then requested an extension (!!!):

11. This professor whose motto is basically "misery loves company":

12. This professor who was as blunt as could be:

13. This student who hit send too soon:

I emailed my professor and meant to say “I am worried I don’t understand some material on our next test” BUT I ACCIDENTALLY SENT THIS HELPME

14. This professor who took a more informal approach to student communications:

high school teacher: you’re going to have to learn how to be more professional in your emails. your college professors won’t be messing around. Assistant Director of Bands, DOCTOR Matthew McCurry:

15. This professor who really spelled it out:

16. This student who asked their professor to prove class was really canceled because their mom didn't believe them:

17. This professor who decided to show, not tell:

my professor is so mad that people arent stapling their papers that he sent this email to everyone

18. This professor who couldn't pass up a Britney reference:

19. And finally, this student who took it upon himself to cancel class: