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23 Struggles Everyone At A Liberal Arts College Knows To Be True

How about all those required classes that have nothing to do with your major.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the hardest part about going to a liberal arts college. Here's what they had to say.

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1. Your schedule is chock-full of classes that have absolutely NOTHING to do with your major...

—Krista Carr, Facebook

2. ...and, weirdly, they wind up being the HARDEST classes you'll ever take.


Like, did they expect an English major to do well in organic chemistry?

—Katie Bell, Facebook

3. As a result, you try desperately to fit in the classes you ACTUALLY need for your major without having to pay a course overload fee.

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A task made more difficult by extremely limited course availability.

—Krista Carr, Facebook

4. You’re constantly having to tell people where your school is since NO ONE has ever heard of it.


—Andrew Davis, Facebook

5. While you're glad the school's not huge, the size of student body is often super annoying...

—Sami Thomason, Facebook

6. ...for example, when the same people win ALL the awards and are also officers in every single campus organization...

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7. ...and when literally EVERYONE seems to know your business.


Sometimes it seems like high school because you know everyone.

Anna Kopsky

8. Not only can you never skip class without the professor noticing...

—Chelsea Thibodeaux, Facebook

9. ...but you're also forced to do ALL the assigned readings because there are only 10 people in your discussion-based seminar.


—Courtney Hiers, Facebook

10. Trying to act normal while walking by the president's house is a constant struggle.

—Idil Ozer, Facebook

11. Sitting next to the student who never wears shoes is your personal hell.

—Andy Jordan, Facebook

12. Getting a seat in the library is hard, but avoiding your friends while trying to study is even harder.


—Jordon Washington, Facebook

13. It is literally impossible to avoid people on campus, especially one night stands you'd rather never see again.


14. And running into friends while doing the walk of shame is a foregone conclusion.



15. You constantly bump into the SAME people at all the parties, making it impossible to meet someone new.

—Kay Flavin, Facebook

16. The dating scene is limited, to say the least, and the situation by the end of sophomore year is flat out bleak.

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17. Talking to your friends at big universities in even bigger cities is a guaranteed way of making yourself super jealous...


—Zoe Krystyne McSwain, Facebook

18. ...because the fact is your school is probably in a small town where there's hardly anything to do.

—Shannon Marks, Facebook
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—Shannon Marks, Facebook

19. At the same time, hearing other people say how much they'd hate going to such a small school drives you crazy.


Only YOU can talk shit about your school.


20. No joke, the lack of diversity on campus is seriously dreadful.

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21. You'll never get over the insanity that is having the same professors for multiple classes.

Going to 1 out of 2 of my classes that I have with the same professor today is a bold strategy, but one at this point I'm gonna use


22. You live in constant fear of being hit by a rogue Frisbee or Hacky Sack while on your way to class.

—Kasey McFetridge, Facebook

23. But the hardest part: graduating and knowing you'll miss the hell out of the place you called home for four weird and wonderful years.


— Louisa Claire Hoffman, Facebook

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