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19 Foods That Prove South Korea Is Lightyears Ahead Of Everyone Else

*books a ticket to Seoul*

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1. "Tornado potatoes," a super popular street food in Korea, will ruin you for French fries and potato chips forever:

Instagram: @jaipurfood

2. This Sriracha ramen tastes like a million bucks but costs only $1:

3. As if fried chicken weren't delicious enough already, you can order Cheetos fried chicken from Mexicana Chicken to kick it up a notch:

Instagram: @mabub.sonyeo / Via

4. Korean supermarket chain E-Mart sells this genius "one a day" pack of bananas:

E-Mart / Twitter: @AskAKorean / Via Twitter: @AskAKorean

5. And speaking of bananas, there's this wildly popular banana-flavored milk:

Instagram: @candywonderlandshop / Via

6. 7-Elevens go all out, selling these perfectly compartmentalized dosirak meals:

Instagram: @pyun.schlin / Via

7. Taco Bell has kimchee quesadillas on the menu!!!

Instagram: @tacobellkr / Via

8. Or you can grab a bag of kimchi stew potato chips from a convenience store:

Instagram: @gs25_official / Via Instagram: @gs25_official

9. Starbucks Korea serves this vvv Instagrammable Avocado Blended Frappuccino:

Instagram: @de.mignon / Via, Instagram: @hun_1004_ / Via

10. Or if you're in the mood for something hot, they also have this lavender cafe breve with lavender buds and rosemary on top:

Instagram: @happiness.hj_620 / Via

11. This "hangover solution" would definitely come in handy after a night of too much soju:

Matt Stopera / BuzzFeed

12. Matcha brownies sound like the perfect afternoon pick-me-up:

Instagram: @greenteagreening / Via

13. This vending machine will spit out a pizza in less than three minutes:

Instagram: @letspizzakorea / Via

14. Or there's also this vending machine if you're in more of a soup mood:

u/bigpooterpants / Via

15. Can you even imagine how delicious these chips would be?!

Instagram: @hirobuta_chan / Via

16. These biscuit sticks come in a wide variety of flavors and look a lot more fun than regular biscuits tbh:

Instagram: @__ssujinn__ / Via, Instagram: @98_gusrud_710 / Via, Instagram: @susi.chagas / Via

17. Biscoff ice cream cones are totally a thing:

Instagram: @greenteaglorification / Via

18. And finally, Pringles come in all kinds of interesting flavors, like mayo cheese, cheeseburger, and BUTTER CARAMEL:

Lauren Yapalater / BuzzFeed