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    23 Hilarious Pictures That Are Almost Too Ironic To Be Real

    "The tanning salon will be closed in observance of the eclipse."

    1. This not-so-good boy:

    ptrin / Via

    2. And this spray bottle that honestly got what it deserved:

    Torkelxx / Via

    3. This frustrating paywall:

    TheBoredSecurityGuy / Via

    4. This 420 fiasco:

    scented-pinecones / Via

    5. This ~domino~ effect:

    WaVancouver / Via

    6. This respectful observance:

    Berek_Halfhand / Via

    7. This fenced-in freedom statue:

    wHatTheFez / Via

    8. These double-crushed tomatoes:

    premefiends / Via

    9. This dude who doesn't practice what he preaches:

    -catharticus- / Via

    10. This accident waiting to happen:

    Elleven_ / Via

    11. This disorderly situation:


    12. This one-stop shopping center:

    Fire_Otaku / Via

    13. This mower madness:

    flaflashr / Via

    14. This statement that's both true and false, depending on how you read it:

    Blargle33 / Via

    15. This lighting situation:

    DCFargo / Via

    16. This ~tired~ truck driver:

    FowelBallz / Via

    17. This sick healer:

    Varaken / Via

    18. This really bad advertisement:

    Fire_Otaku / Via

    19. This lying piece of litter:

    verygradualchange / Via

    20. This truck that's honestly doing more harm than good:

    Smilodon-Fatalis / Via

    21. And this delivery truck that proves we've been lied to our whole lives:

    Kim-Jong-Deux / Via

    22. This baffling street sign:

    CLxJames / Via

    23. And, finally, this faded memory:

    Judekayenn / Via

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