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    23 Reasons Studying Abroad In Spain Ruins You For Life

    Te echo de menos, España.

    1. It seems like it was only yesterday that you were strolling through Retiro, soaking up the Spanish sun.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / Fintrvlr / Via Flickr: 89545244@N03

    2. You swear you might never see a place as beautiful as Sagrada Família ever again.

    Narvikk / Getty Images

    3. Yet somehow, the interior managed to be even more awe-inspiring than the towering spires outside.

    Spanishjohnny72 / Getty Images

    4. Let's be honest: NOWHERE knows how to let loose quite like Spain, and you'll miss those ~nights you don't remember~ for the rest of your life.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / Stephen Carter / Via Flickr: stephendotcarter

    5. Seeing the sunrise on your way home from the club probably happened way too often — but it was always downright magical.

    Jackf / Getty Images

    6. No matter how late you'd been out the night before, a café con leche was all it took to bring you back to life.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / rob st / Via Flickr: robsteinhelfer

    7. Discovering churros and chocolate was definitely a high-point of your life.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / Matthew Hine / Via Flickr: hine

    8. Tapas could constitute a snack or an entire meal...

    Flickr: Creative Commons / Sanako* / Via Flickr: sanako

    9. ...but they could never top the grand feast that was a massive serving of paella.

    Stocknshares / Getty Images

    10. Park Güell made you feel like a character in Alice in Wonderland.

    Gatsi / Getty Images

    11. And flamenco dancers brought art to life in the most beautiful way you've ever seen.

    Cristina Quicler / AFP / Getty Images

    12. You swear you can still feel the roar of Bernabéu or Camp Nou in your bones.

    David Ramos / Getty Images

    13. El Corte Inglés was seriously the best one-stop shop on the planet.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / Hannu Makarainen / Via Flickr: hannumakarainen

    14. While you may never understand Spaniards' obsession with jamón, you'll always appreciate their unwavering devotion.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / Mark Heard / Via Flickr: heardsy

    15. Euromanía at Cien Montaditos will have a special place in your heart till the day you die.

    100 Montaditos / Via Facebook: 100MontaditosUS

    16. Seriously though, where else can you get free snacks when you order a drink at the bar?

    Flickr: Creative Commons / Andy Michael / Via Flickr: andy_michael

    17. If you caught it at just the right time, Plaza Mayor felt like it was all yours.

    Stockstudiox / Getty Images

    18. While some cities transported you back in time...

    Marquesphotography / Getty Images

    19. ...others made you ponder the future and all it would bring.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / Craig Cormack / Via Flickr: craigyc

    20. Somehow, cities were even more beautiful after the sun went down.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / fufefufe / Via Flickr: fufefufe

    21. No matter where you studied, the rest of Spain — the rest of Europe really — was just a short flight away.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / Tristan Farsac / Via Flickr: traft-carissan

    22. Studying in Spain meant seeing history come to life.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / RaMaOrLi / Via Flickr: fotografias-08

    23. And while going back home might've brought tears to your eyes, you know it wasn't a goodbye but a see you again soon.

    Flickr: Creative Commons / Mariluz Rodriguez / Via Flickr: 21882319@N07

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