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    23 Servers Shared The Dumbest Things Customers Have Done, And All I Can Say Is "Wow..."

    "Once, a customer got angry with me because I told her we didn’t have grass-fed chicken. She said, 'This is supposed to be a healthy restaurant!'"


    "I made an iced coffee for a lady who told me I'd done it wrong because she wanted the ice on the bottom, not floating at the top. I told her I was too busy to explain how science works."



    "I manage a pizza place, and my favorite complaint ever was when a customer asked if we made our pizzas 'under trees.' Not understanding, I asked for clarification. 'I said, 'Do you make your pizzas under trees?' There are leaves mixed in with my sauce.' They were basil leaves."



    "I worked at a BBQ restaurant in Texas, and everyday I was asked at least twice about the difference between pulled pork and chopped beef. When I knew I was gearing up to quit, I started to get mouthy and would respond, 'One went 'moo,' and the other went 'oink.'"

    —Sierra Rogan, Facebook


    "Once, a customer got angry with me because I told her we didn’t have grass-fed chicken. She said, 'This is supposed to be a healthy restaurant!' Chickens don't eat grass, woman! Go back to the petting zoo."




    "When I worked at Arby's, a man once argued with me for like five minutes when I tried to explain to him why I couldn't serve him a Big Mac."

    —Jen McCord, Facebook


    "I once served a lady who was upset her White Zinfandel was pink."



    "My brother worked in a restaurant, and a lady ordered a garden salad and asked for it to be returned because it had 'too many leaves in it.'"

    —Anita Mandaliti, Facebook


    "I used to work at Domino's, and one time a customer got raging mad and screamed at me for 45 minutes because their large pizza wasn't the same size as the one on the 2-by-6-foot poster on the wall."

    —Toni Centeno Behring, Facebook



    "I remember working the drive-thru in high school and someone asked me not to put too much ice in their water because they didn’t want it to get watered down."

    —Luke Winnett, Facebook


    "I had a woman tell me she was 'allergic to spicy.' She explained, 'You know, the jalapeños and the other one.' (The 'other one'?!?) So I asked her if she was ACTUALLY allergic or if she just didn't like it. She said, 'I am allergic to spicy. When I eat it, my eyes water and my mouth burns.' Oh, honey, no."

    —Aivilo Ennaerb, Facebook


    "I used to work at a pizza place, and some lady asked me to turn off the oven because she said it was making the building too hot."

    —Stephen D'Amico, Facebook


    "A woman told me our chicken is good, but she prefers it bloody. She straight up said, 'I like to hear my chicken moo.' I didn’t say anything because I was speechless."

    —Bianca Danielle, Facebook


    "One time a lady paid by card and then complained that I didn't give her her change."

    —Saray Velasquez, Facebook


    "Once there was this lady who ordered her steak well-done because she 'can't stand raw meat, especially when it looks all red and stuff.' 'OK, no problem,' I said, 'Would you like a starter?' 'Yes,' she said, 'I'll have the beef carpaccio, please!'"

    —Esther Enning, Facebook

    Def Jam


    "Any time people ask for soy milk, almond milk, or another lactose-free milk alternative in their milkshakes — but then still get the ICE CREAM in them. Oh, the logic!"

    —Arlete Maria Ferreira, Facebook


    "This lady ordered a cheeseburger with no cheese, and when I repeated back her order, she corrected me with an attitude because I had said 'hamburger.' I responded by asking if she knew the difference between a cheeseburger and a hamburger."

    —Erica Lopez, Facebook


    "A lady complained that her fries weren't fresh, even though they had just come out of the fryer, and she handed them back to me. So, I walked around the corner, stood there for a few seconds, straightened them up so they looked nice, and handed the exact same fries back to her. 'Oh, these are much better!' she said. 'Thanks!'"

    —Anne Sifuentes, Facebook


    "I work in a Mexican-style restaurant. I dead-ass had a woman look me straight in the eyes and ask me for the 'spaghetti," which she insisted she had eaten at the restaurant before. After I explained to her that we don't have spaghetti on the menu, she finally figured out she had meant fajitas. Spaghetti...fajitas..."

    —Chris Gaertner, Facebook



    "Once, a man demanded that if any of our line cooks were female, they not be allowed to make his food because 'women don’t understand how to make a good steak.'"

    —Sarah-Michelle Chacon, Facebook


    "I had a lady complain that her coffee was cold, so I made a new pot and brought it over to her. She then proceeded to put ice cubes in it."

    —Amie Rose Stornant, Facebook


    "I had a customer order a salad with no toast, but with croutons. 'I'm highly allergic to toast,' she told me. Well, I’m a concerned citizen so I informed her that the croutons were made from the same bread as the toast. She said, 'Well, once you make the toast into croutons, it changes.' 🤦🏽‍♀️"

    —Courtney Campbell Evans, Facebook


    "I used to work at a bagel shop and had a customer come in and ask me to slice their bagel into eighths — and then put a different kind of cream cheese on each piece."

    —Caitlin Schmitt, Facebook


    "Just recently I had a customer complain that there were only three instead of four shrimp on his platter. I went to talk to the kitchen, as somebody else had brought the food out to him, but the kitchen swore that they had put four on the plate. I headed back to the customer with the intention of bringing him more shrimp, and he said, 'Sorry, there were four shrimp. I forgot that I already ate one.'"

    —Spark Les, Facebook

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