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16 Genius Restaurant Menus That Are Straight-Up From The Future

*head explodes*

1. This cocktail menu plots drinks on a graph based on how strong and ~experimental~ they are AND it tells you what kind of glass they come in:

u/kfodnes / Via

2. This menu tells you what "spicy" ACTUALLY means and what percent of people order it:

u/nocturnalvoice / Via

3. The dessert menu at this restaurant is in a View-Master:

u/LaJayee / Via

4. This kids menu is perfect for cranky, indecisive kids:

u/Pm_me_some_dessert / Via

5. This beer menu changes prices every 15 minutes based on supply and demand:

u/JordanDryce / Via

6. This menu is a Venn diagram of every breakfast sandwich combination the restaurant offers:

u/opoo_mob / Via

7. This ~secret~ menu on the back of the regular menu is reflected in the mirror behind the counter:

u/nosheven / Via

8. This menu doubles as a phone charging station:

u/pixelatedbeard / Via

9. This menu is organized by the temperature the food is served at:

u/maryjxne / Via

10. This menu suggests different size coffees depending on how much you slept the night before:

u/Cry__Wolf / Via

11. This menu charges kids by height instead of age:

u/zubie_wanders / Via

12. This illustrated menu prevents espresso novices from annoying the hell out their barista:

u/mister86japan / Via

13. This choose-your-own-adventure menu points beginner beer drinkers in the right direction:

u/RockyTopBruin / Via

14. This menu rewards people for being nice to their server:

u/nauzilus / Via

15. And this menu charges customers extra for giving their waiter "too much grief or aggravation":

u/mrobert7 / Via

16. And finally, this menu lets you buy a round for the people working in the kitchen:

u/GreatestOfAllTime96 / Via

Have you seen a genius menu out in the wild? Share it with us in the comments!