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23 Pictures Of Reopening In Other Countries That Look A Bit Different Than What We’re Seeing In The US

Instagram menus, UV sanitizers, and so many partitions.

1. At this gym in Hong Kong, glass partitions separate the cardio machines to help prevent droplets from spreading.

2. At the same gym, a sanitizer spraying a safe, food-grade disinfectant helps kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air.

3. There's also a UV sanitizer that gym-goers can use to clean their phones.

4. Also in Hong Kong, this escalator has a handrail UV sterilizer that zaps germs as they go by.

5. This Danish supermarket has a hand-washing station set up outside for shoppers to use as they come and go.


6. Speaking of shopping, this mall in Bangkok uses a robot to measure people's body temperatures as they pass by.

7. In this viral TikTok video of a Chinese student returning to school, someone first sprays disinfectant on his shoes...

8. ...then he sanitizes his hands...

9. ...then a spray sterilizes his clothes and backpack...

10. ...and finally a robot scans his eyes, hands, and throat (in just three seconds!) before he enters the building.

11. At a different school in China, students eat lunch by themselves, with dividers set up between them to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

12. Each student also has a clear tri-fold board around their desk.

13. At this Hong Kong McDonald's, a thermal monitor checks customers' temps before they're allowed to get takeout.

@davidchang You have to stand in front of the thermal monitor before getting takeout at McDonald’s. #HongKong #SocialDistancing

14. And at this Starbucks in Taipei, Taiwan, customers are greeted with an automatic hand sanitizer, and shared tables are sectioned off with dividers.

15. At this restaurant in Shanghai, a machine sprays down customers with disinfectant before they're allowed to enter.

16. This Hong Kong restaurant gives people a bag to store their mask in while eating.


17. With reusable menus a thing of the past, this restaurant in Spain just posted their menu to Instagram instead.

18. Staff at this Shanghai restaurant disinfect tableware and utensils right in 👏 front 👏 of 👏 you 👏.

19. A robot delivers takeaway orders to customers at this restaurant in Beijing.

20. This bar in Germany installed a spit guard between patrons and employees.

21. And tables at this restaurant in Japan have an acrylic barrier down the middle, seemingly even between customers who are dining together.

22. Pews are taped off to enforce social distancing at a church in Spain.

23. And finally, barbers wear full-body protective suits while cutting people's hair in Bangladesh.