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Here's What 16 Living Descendants Of US Presidents Look Like Compared To Their POTUS Relative

Talk about setting a precedent...

1. Here's Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln

And here's his 11th-generation cousin Ralph Lincoln:

Closeup of Ralph Lincoln

2. Here's President Thomas Jefferson:

Thomas Jefferson

And here's Jefferson's sixth great-grandson Shannon LaNier:

Shannon LaNier

3. Here's President Theodore Roosevelt:

And here's his great-grandson Tweed Roosevelt:

Tweed Roosevelt

4. Here's President James A. Garfield:

James A. Garfield

And here's his great-great grandson Richard Garfield:

Richard Garfield

5. Here's President Grover Cleveland:

Grover Cleveland

And here's his grandson George Cleveland:

George Cleveland

6. Here's President Harry S. Truman:

Harry S. Truman

And here's his grandson Clifton Truman Daniel:

Clifton Truman Daniel

7. Here's President Lyndon B. Johnson:

Lyndon B. Johnson

And here's his daughter Lynda Johnson Robb:

Lynda Johnson Robb

8. Here's President Richard Nixon:

Richard Nixon

And here's his grandson Christopher Nixon Cox:

Christopher Nixon Cox

9. Here's President James Monroe:

James Monroe

And here's his fifth-generation grandson Richard Emory Gatchell:

Richard Emory Gatchell

10. Here's President Dwight Eisenhower:

Dwight Eisenhower

And here's his granddaughter Mary Jean Eisenhower:

Mary Jean Eisenhower

11. Here's President John F. Kennedy:

John F. Kennedy

And here's his daughter Caroline Kennedy:

Caroline Kennedy

12. Here's President James K. Polk:

James K. Polk

And here's his distant relative:

A woman

13. Here's President Calvin Coolidge:

Calvin Coolidge

And here's his relative:

A woman

14. Here's President Ronald Reagan:

Ronald Reagan

And here's his son Ron Reagan:

Ron Reagan

15. Here's President Herbert Hoover:

Herbert Hoover

And here's his great-granddaughter Margaret Hoover:

Magaret Hoover

16. Here's President Ulysses S. Grant:

Ulysses S. Grant

And here's his great-great grandson Ulysses Grant Dietz:

Ulysses Grant Dietz