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    A Guy Almost Pooped Himself At His Best Friend's Funeral — Here's His Heartwarming Story

    "Dave, wherever you are I still think of you."

    A couple of weeks ago, Reddit user I_Shit_In_A_Bucket shared the story of his best friend's funeral, which he attended at just 12 years old. He was, of course, devastated by his loss.

    I_Shit_In_A_Bucket / Via

    Don't worry — his username will make sense in a minute.

    But just as the funeral was about to begin, he suddenly needed to poop, like, really badly.

    I_Shit_In_A_Bucket / Via

    The situation got worse and worse, and it seemed like he was going to shit himself no matter how hard he tried not to.

    I_Shit_In_A_Bucket / Via

    He was already touching cloth — near the point of no return.

    Urban Dictionary / Via

    Then everything changed. He thought of his best friend, who, had he been there, would have done everything he could to make him poop his pants — "just like a best friend should."

    I_Shit_In_A_Bucket / Via

    And then he started laughing, remembering his friend and his sense of humor.

    I_Shit_In_A_Bucket / Via

    In the end, he made it to the bathroom just in time.

    I_Shit_In_A_Bucket / Via

    "Dave, wherever you are I still think of you," the friend wrote.

    I_Shit_In_A_Bucket / Via

    People loved the story...

    manihack / Via

    ...and thanked Dave's best friend for sharing.

    mgarde / Via

    Some people even replied with humorous, heartwarming stories of their own...

    Spike-milligoon / Via

    ...remembering their loved ones...

    redamalthea / Via

    ...just as they'd want to be remembered. ❤️

    konsickwence / Via

    BuzzFeed has reached out to the original poster for comment.

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