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Updated on Jun 17, 2020. Posted on Jan 17, 2019

21 Of The Most "Only In The South" Things To Have Ever Happened

Calling sweet tea "regular."

1. This weather report explaining how to drive in the snow:

Twitter: @SorryImTexan / Via Twitter: @SorryImTexan

2. This brawl that broke out at a cornhole match:

WSBTV / Instagram: @jeffreycarlos1 / / Via

3. These signs:

u/emijra / Via

4. And this gigantic sweet tea dispenser:

u/Invidian / Via

5. This grammar guide for out-of-towners:

u/drewtarvin / Via

6. And this lesson in efficiency:

u/pennhead / Via

7. These wine pairing suggestions:

u/mootbograt / Via

8. This billboard in Alabama:

9. And this plethora of options:

u/ContentiousDelicious / Via

10. This soda, which all Southerners would call Coke anyway:

11. This riding lawn mower:

u/andrew_calkins / Via

12. This breakfast special:

u/WhatIThinkIs / Via

"Brown Bag Special (10 pieces of bacon and 1 - 25oz Budweiser can)"

13. This lost and found email:

Twitter: @brittamus35 / Via Twitter: @brittamus35

14. This totally normal road crossing:

Twitter: @TaylorkBarnes_ / Via Twitter: @TaylorkBarnes_

15. And this morning commuter:

Twitter: @hayleybekah / Via Twitter: @hayleybekah

16. This airport full of rocking chairs:

Twitter: @StevieLynnJones / Via Twitter: @StevieLynnJones

17. This drive-thru — make that, ride-thru — customer:

18. This sign:

Twitter: @Krissy012000 / Via Twitter: @Krissy012000

19. This beautiful still life:

20. This store's open hours:

21. And finally, this BBQ team name:

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