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21 Of The Most "Only In The South" Things To Have Ever Happened

Calling sweet tea "regular."

1. This weather report explaining how to drive in the snow:

Twitter: @SorryImTexan / Via Twitter: @SorryImTexan

2. This brawl that broke out at a cornhole match:

WSBTV / Instagram: @jeffreycarlos1 / / Via

3. These signs:

u/emijra / Via

4. And this gigantic sweet tea dispenser:

u/Invidian / Via

5. This grammar guide for out-of-towners:

u/drewtarvin / Via

6. And this lesson in efficiency:

u/pennhead / Via

7. These wine pairing suggestions:

u/mootbograt / Via

8. This billboard in Alabama:

9. And this plethora of options:

u/ContentiousDelicious / Via

10. This soda, which all Southerners would call Coke anyway:

11. This riding lawn mower:

u/andrew_calkins / Via

12. This breakfast special:

u/WhatIThinkIs / Via

"Brown Bag Special (10 pieces of bacon and 1 - 25oz Budweiser can)"

13. This lost and found email:

Twitter: @brittamus35 / Via Twitter: @brittamus35

14. This totally normal road crossing:

Twitter: @TaylorkBarnes_ / Via Twitter: @TaylorkBarnes_

15. And this morning commuter:

Twitter: @hayleybekah / Via Twitter: @hayleybekah

16. This airport full of rocking chairs:

Twitter: @StevieLynnJones / Via Twitter: @StevieLynnJones

17. This drive-thru — make that, ride-thru — customer:

18. This sign:

Twitter: @Krissy012000 / Via Twitter: @Krissy012000

19. This beautiful still life:

20. This store's open hours:

21. And finally, this BBQ team name:

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