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21 Old People Who Shouldn't Have Posted On Facebook, But They Did, And For That I'm Grateful

"We got your STD. Thanks for sharing!"

1. This save-the-date recipient:

2. Pamela:

3. This poncho peddler:

4. This walking, talking HR crisis:

5. This weight-loss icon:

6. This person who doesn't understand what the 💩 emoji means:

7. And this person who understands it all too well:

8. Also, this person who should have eaten some prunes:

9. George's friend — er, former friend:

10. This prophet:

11. This smartwatch skeptic:

12. This heathen:

13. This seller who uploaded one too many photos:

14. David the tooter:

15. This dad who hopes the doctor doesn't "do the finger thing":

16. This Notre Dame mourner/celebrant:

17. This overeager mom:

18. This perplexingly proud neighbor 🏳️‍🌈:

19. This truthteller:

20. This problem-solver:

21. And finally, this desperate plea:

H/t @dogwithablog_69 and r/OldPeopleFacebook