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18 Tweets Showing The Apocalyptic Flooding In New York City Last Night

With the remnants of Hurricane Ida hammering New York City, the National Weather Service issued the first-ever Flash Flood Emergency for the city.

Torrential rains from Tropical Storm Ida pounded the New York City metropolitan area Wednesday night, forcing the National Weather Service to issue a Flash Flood Emergency for the city for the first time in history.

@timinbklyn This is the first time we've ever had to issue one.

Twitter: @NWSNewYorkNY

1. Floodwaters poured into subway stations across the city.

Getting a bit of rain in New York City tonight… @Gothamist @nytimes @NYDailyNews

Twitter: @AlexEtling

2. Stairs turned into waterfalls...

Waterfall down the stairs at 145th Street station, 1 Train, in #Manhattan, #NYC. Flash #flood warnings are in effect until 11:30 pm.

Twitter: @news_ntd

3. ...and "geysers" erupted seemingly out of nowhere.

Flooding in 28th St Station NYC!!! And everyone is taking videos!!!!#OnlyInNYC

Twitter: @AleksanderMilch

Here's a closer look at the 28th Street station.

Wild scene in the subway tonight #subwaycreatures #ida

Twitter: @SubwayCreatures

4. Aboveground, the situation was equally terrifying. This city bus flooded, forcing riders to stand on seats inside.

Hero bus driver managed to get us safely through the 3-4 feet of rain coursing down the boulevard, but only seemed to be getting worse. Finally made it through to higher ground and a fellow passenger exclaims ‘oh no I missed my stop..’

Twitter: @JoeEEnglish

5. Apartments were inundated.

🇺🇸⚠️ — VIDEO: Heavy flooding in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

Twitter: @TheBelaaz

6. It looked as if it was raining inside this apartment building.

Twitter: @FurmetalAlchemy

7. Ida brought untold damage to city infrastructure and apartments alike.

Twitter: @callmechelsea

8. Newark Airport looked as if it had "a swimming pool."

Terminal B ground level at EWR added a swimming pool!

Twitter: @mikeybrasi87

9. The baggage area at the airport was flooded too.

Flooding baggage area at newark airport

Twitter: @billritter7

10. Trash bags floated down the street...

Trash everywhere, every other street flooded. What a mess #brooklyn #ida

Twitter: @UnequalScenes

11. the streets themselves turned into rivers.

Uhm, yeah, that Brooklyn flood watch was no joke. 4th Ave. and Garfield in Park Slope / Gowanus. #Hurricane_Ida

Twitter: @GoGirlsGoBooks

12. This video of a food delivery person walking their bike through floodwaters went immediately viral.

And through it all! @Grubhub delivery still out there bringing your dinner #ida #flooding #brooklyn

Twitter: @UnequalScenes

13. Nearly every borough was impacted, from the Bronx...

#BREAKING: Severe flooding throughout The #Bronx… this is 95 at Bx River Pkwy. #abc7ny #ida

Twitter: @JoshEiniger7

14. Queens...

Cars are floating in rego park queens! #NYWX

Twitter: @StormchaserNYC

15. Brooklyn.

View of the streets from Brooklyn right now. Electricity just had another surge as well. #NYC #brooklyn #hurricanida

Twitter: @AmbarJanuel

16. Ditto for the expressway that connects Brooklyn and Queens.

for the second time in 2 weeks the BQE is a river, totally normal stuff

Twitter: @TomNamako

17. "The outfield is underwater at [Yankee] Stadium," someone wrote on Twitter.

The outfield is underwater at the Stadium.

Twitter: @RealMichaelKay

18. It's the second time in two weeks that the city has experienced flash flooding caused by tropical storms.

Outside our apartment in Brooklyn right now as tropical storm Ida hits NYC. A legit river. Never seen it like this. Stay safe everyone. ❤️ #TropicalStormIda

Twitter: @jaymee