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19 New York Street Foods That Will Change Your Life

Restaurants are so overrated.

Ever in search of good food, we recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best street food in NYC. Here are the oh-so-delicious suggestions.

1. Wafles & Dinges

2. The Cinnamon Snail

Vegan and very, very good. Although this NYC favorite is no longer open on a daily basis, you can follow them on Twitter to see what special events they'll be at next.

—Nako Ish, Facebook

3. Taïm Falafel & Smoothie

What really sets them apart is the delicious smoothie bar that's part of the food truck — flavors include date-lime-banana and strawberry-raspberry-Thai basil. Their spring 2015 schedule can be found here.

—Carly Petrone, Facebook

4. Melt Bakery

Some simple math we can all agree on: cookies + ice cream = heaven. For example, the Lovelet sandwich pairs red velvet melt cakes with cream cheese ice cream. They're open daily at their shop on the Lower East Side; find other locations here.

—Debra McGlinchie, Facebook

5. Snowday

Their delicious maple syrup-themed foods are made with locally-sourced ingredients. Plus, according to their website, it "employs formerly incarcerated youth in hopes of helping them find work and keeping them out of prison." Check out @SnowdayTruck on Twitter to see where the truck will be next.

—Felicia Terry, Facebook

6. Uncle Gussy's

With stuffed pita sandwiches for just $6, Uncle Gussy's is a Midtown lunchtime favorite. You can find them each weekday at 51st St. & Park Ave.

—Maegan Halbedl, Facebook

7. Nuchas

8. Korilla BBQ

In their own words, they "[bring] you the best of Korean cooking, in a format you already love," and they let customers customize their own burritos and rice bowls. Their weekly truck schedule can be found here.


9. The Halal Guys

There are halal carts across the city, but The Halal Guys may very well reign supreme. Seriously, their chicken and rice platter is incredible. Check out their locations here.


10. El Rey del Taco

11. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

12. Domo Taco

Asian and Mexican cuisines come together to produce such interesting combinations as fish tempura burritos and kimchi falafel quesadillas. They post their location on Twitter each day.


13. Morris Grilled Cheese

There's grilled cheese, and then there's Morris grilled cheese. Take, for example, the habanero chicken sandwich, made with bleu cheese, chicken chorizo, habanero hot sauce, and pickled celery. Follow @morristruck for their location.


14. Red Hook Lobster Pound

15. Solber Pupusas

Their known for their pupusas, but their tamales are equally delicious. Their locations are listed here.

Kayla Yandoli

16. Calexico

New York isn't known for it's Mexican food, but Calexico is doing its best to change that. Fresh tacos start at just $3 and meat burritos go for $10. They've got restaurants and carts across the city.

Michelle Regna

17. Langos Truck

18. Phil's Steaks

19. King of Falafel & Shawarma

If we missed your favorite, let us know in the comments below. And if you’d like to be featured in similar BuzzFeed posts, make sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter!