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Hey, Moms: What Do You Actually Want For Mother's Day?

Help us get it right this time.

Finding the perfect Mother's Day gift is no easy task.


As kids, we want it to be affordable, original, and meaningful. And as adults, gift-giving is even more intense.


Problem is, we're notoriously bad at guessing what you'd like.

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Maybe it's giving you a break by taking care of things around the house.


Maybe it's getting you a gift you'll ACTUALLY enjoy.

Hints appreciated.

Or maybe it's getting a heartfelt letter you can re-read from time to time.


Then again, maybe it's as simple as spending the afternoon with you, reminiscing about days gone by.


We know we shouldn't have to ask, but we really do want this to be the best Mother's Day ever.


So tell us what you actually want for Mother's Day in the comments below, and your suggestion might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!


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