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23 Things People Always Get Completely Wrong About Retail Workers

Lazy and stupid, no. Awesome, absolutely.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most annoying misconceptions about retail workers. Here's what they had to say.

6. Retail work is not just one easy job, but more like 25 jobs rolled into one: customer service agent, mathematician, organizer, decorator...the list goes on and on.

7. Of all the hats they wear, however, retail workers are NOT licensed therapists — so while they love engaging with customers, they don't really have time for your life story.

9. And while keeping the store nice and tidy is part of their job, retail workers have plenty to do besides cleaning up after messy customers.

10. Seriously, retail worker ≠ maid/servant.

Warner Bros.

Just because they don't attend your every need doesn't mean they're "bad at customer service."

Submitted by Danielle Foreman, Facebook

14. And, no, they can't bend the rules for you "just this one time." Their jobs are on the line, after all!


They don't make the rules. They just follow them.

Submitted by Jake Beatdown, Facebook

17. Come to think of it, "being bullied by customers" isn't in their job description at all.

20th Century Fox

The customer's always right? LOL, yeah, OK.

Submitted by Karla Jane, Facebook

20. And, no, they probably can't find it in the magical wonderland that is the ~back of the store.~

21. Contrary to popular belief, store hours are not merely suggestions. Retail workers have lives outside of work just like everybody else.

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