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100 Memes From 2018 That'll Make You Laugh Until You Cry

Gorl, moths, and so much more.

1. Is This a Pigeon?:

2. Tide Pods:

3. Krusty Krab Vs. Chum Bucket:

4. Next Thing I Knew, I Was Pregnant:

5. Evil Patrick:

6. Squinting Woman:

7. Gym Kardashian:

8. Tired SpongeBob:

9. Government Agent Watching Me:

10. Michaela Coel Smirk:

11. Do You Look at Your Man Like This?:

12. Ladies, Imagine This:

14. Jennifer Garner's Realization:

What realization did Jennifer Garner just come to?

15. If You Don't Love Me:

17. Yodel Kid:

me when i 1st saw the walmart yodeling boy: well this is new me after watching it 7 more times:

18. Sexual Identity Poll:

19. Prince William and Kate Waving:

20. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Waving:

21. I Don't Feel So Good/Disintegration:

22. BBQ Becky:

23. Prince Harry's Ex:

24. Is This Your King?:

25. Confused Cardi B:

When he’s telling you the story of how he could’ve been a footballer but got injured

26. Gorl:

27. LeBron James's NBA Finals Reaction:

28. Blue Ivy Shushing Beyoncé and Jay-Z:

“calm down, she ain’t even in Fifth Harmony no more...” -Blue Ivy Carter

29. Captain America "So, You Got Detention":

30. Pissed-Off Peppa Pig:

31. Sassy Cheerleader:

Elle Woods after proving that Chutney Windham was not in the shower when her father was shot because she got a perm earlier that day and the water would have deactivated the immonium thygocalate

32. Trump and Macron Planting a Tree:

33. Google Arts and Culture Face Match:

Wow this Google Arts and Culture app is brutal

34. American Chopper Argument:

35. Karma's a Bitch:

View this video on YouTube

36. By Age 35:

37. Thicc Mark Zuckerberg:

38. Super Bowl Selfie Kid:

39. “What the Hell Is Going On” Snapchat Map:


40. Miss Vanjie:

41. If I Was on Queer Eye:

42. Is Your Child Texting About:

43. My Momma Said:

44. Life With Mak:

Me on my lunch break watching my coworkers struggle because it got busy

45. Moth Lamp:

46. I Want You To Hurt Me:

47. Really Start Dressin:

48. Mike Wazowski Singing:

49. Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year:

50. Big Dick Energy:

51. To All The Boys:

52. Kim Kardashian's "Like Butter" Tweet:

53. He's Not Your Man:

54. Don't Say It:

55. The Most Successful People I've Met:

56. Not a Cell Phone in Sight:

Do you see this? No cell phones. Just people living in the moment.

57. Miley Cyrus's Blue Eyes:

me staring at the person I handed my ID to so they know it’s really me

58. Let's Get This Bread:

59. Epic Handshake:

60. And the Group Hand Hold:

61. A Quiet Place:

62. Distance Between:

63. Same Energy:

64. Surprised Pikachu:

65. Real Name Google Searches:

66. Me Voting in 2016 Vs. Me Voting in 2018:

67. In This Essay I Will:

68. "Thank U, Next":

one taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain

69. The Grinch's Failed Scare:

what a spider sees when i’m building up the balls to kill it

70. Bibble Singing:

71. Lady Gaga "AAAA" Tweet:

72. How Convenient Is That:

When McDonald’s ice cream machine is broken:

73. I'm Telling FAFSA:

74. Mariah Carey's "GTFO":

me when a customer walks in 4 hours before closing

75. Cher's "Hi Again" Tweet:

76. They Live Among Us:

77. Weird Flex But OK:

78. Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad:

79. Put Your Hands Up Venn Diagram:

80. Fuck Your Zodiac Sign:

81. Melania Trump Gardening:

82. "Paper Planes":

83. Ranked Lists:

84. This Is So Sad. Alexa, Play "Despacito":

85. Days Without Sex:

86. Celine Dion Mixtape Photograph:

Twitter: @thankdrunext / Via Twitter: @thankdrunext

87. They Did Surgery On A Grape:

88. Party Rock Anthem BPM:

Party Rock Anthem has the same bpm as Uptown Girl

89. Third Base:

third base is making him listen to your sad songs playlist and explaining all the varied, overly specific reasons why each song makes you a different type of sad

90. What Am I Gonna Do? Say No?:

91. That Ain't No Problem:

*puppy starts jumping on me* owner: im sorry. he just gets so excited to meet new people. me:

92. Young Thug and Lil Durk Troubleshooting:

Me reading over my homies essay to help ensure he gets the best grade possible

93. Elizabeth Gillies Walking:

middle aged white women leaving a store after yelling at a cashier for something they have no control over

94. Captain Marvel Punch:

"Martha Kent?" "Yes?" [FALCON PUNCH] #CaptainMarvel

95. Mannequin Head Turn:

When you tryna sleep but whateve on tv sounds like it’s getting good

96. Do Y'all Hear Sumn?:

97. #BlackHogwarts:

Hello, I'm Professor Annalise Keating. This is Auror Law 101 or as I prefer to call it "How to Get Away With Magic" #BlackHogwarts

98. Yanny or Laurel:

99. You'll Never See Me Again:

lady gaga to pop music after the gays left artpop flop

100. Coughing Cat: