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15 Crazy Little Details In "Wonder Woman" You 100% Missed

Did you catch that Rosie the Riveter reference? (Spoilers ahead.)

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1. If the scene in which Diana shields Steve from gunfire seems familiar, there's good reason: It's an homage to Clark Kent doing the same for Lois Lane in Superman (1978).


7. The white peacocks on Themyscira are hugely symbolic: Male peacocks are known for their brightly colored feathers and showy mating rituals, so these peacocks, with white, lowered feathers, underscore the female dominion of the island.


10. But that's not the only historical connection: Erich Ludendorff was an actual German general during World War I.

Ludendorff's account of the war — basically that Germany had lost because it was betrayed by German civilians back home — was used as Nazi propaganda in the party's rise to power.

12. While his character's backstory wasn't completely revealed in Wonder Woman, Saïd Taghmaoui, who plays Sameer, has suggested he might be a member of the Blackhawks.

Via Twitter: @SaidTaghmaoui

In DC Comics, the Blackhawk Squadron is a group of ace pilots who fight alongside the Allies.


15. Finally, the scene in which Steve detonates Dr. Maru's weapons high above Earth recalls a similar scene in another movie explicitly about good and evil: Dan Brown's Angels & Demons.

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In Angels & Demons, the Camerlengo flies a helicopter with the volatile antimatter on board high above the Vatican in order to save everyone upon the substance's explosion.