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    13 Lies About NYC You Should Never, Ever Believe On Instagram

    I call BS.

    1. Apartments on Instagram:

    Apartments in real life:

    The Worst Room / Via

    2. The subway on Instagram:

    The subway in real life:

    @ClubAliP / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ClubAliP

    3. Broadway on Instagram:

    Broadway in real life:

    @BethanyJenkins / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BethanyJenkins

    4. Times Square on Instagram:

    Times Square in real life:

    @geniusm_yg / Twitter / Via Twitter: @geniusm_yg

    5. Central Park on Instagram:

    Central Park in real life:

    Eliya Selhub / Flickr / Via Flickr: eliya /

    6. Brunch on Instagram:

    Brunch in real life:

    @julienphoto‏ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @julienphoto

    7. The streets on Instagram:

    The streets in real life:

    Patrick Copley / Flickr / Via Flickr: filsdepersonne

    8. Grand Central Terminal on Instagram:

    Grand Central Terminal in real life:

    Several Seconds / Flickr / Via Flickr: severalseconds

    9. Happy hour on Instagram:

    Happy hour in real life:

    Wavebreakmedia / Getty Images

    10. Shopping on Instagram:

    Shopping in real life:

    Aisling Chin-Yee / Flickr / Via Flickr: astrodoll

    11. Dinner on Instagram:

    Dinner in real life:

    @_thisisrebecca / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_thisisrebecca

    12. New Year's Eve on Instagram:

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    New Year's Eve in real life:

    JHoule88 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @JHoule88

    13. And finally, the skyline on Instagram:

    The skyline in real life:

    Ultima_gaina / Getty Images


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