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    15 Types Of Roommates Everyone Has In College

    Should've paid for a single.

    1. The Weekday Partier

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    Your roommate has already earned their Bachelors of Alcohol degree three times over. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is – in stumbles your roomie at all hours of the night, curious as to why you're trying to sleep. UM, HELLO, IT'S 3 A.M. AND YOU HAVE A TEST TOMORROW.

    2. The Passive-Aggressive Note Writer

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    God forbid they actually talk to you about the problem. Instead, you just find sticky notes all over the room asking you basically not to be such an effing awful human being. You've given up on getting mad. Now, you just take pictures of them for your future memoir.

    3. The Sex Machine

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    To their credit, they usually do put a sock on the door as a warning. But you're a busy person who doesn't have time for their games. The worst is when they think you've already fallen asleep and you suddenly hear giggles from under the sheets. CAN YOU NOT.

    4. The Slob

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    Did a tornado just rip through your room? No, your roommate just hasn't cleaned up since you both moved in. You'd better watch where you step – the floor is a graveyard of spilled soda cans, half-eaten Easy Mac, and dirty clothes.

    5. The Obsessive Cleaner

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    You're fairly certain your roomie spends more time vacuuming than studying. It's working out pretty well for you considering that they usually get carried away and do more than their fair share. You do try to do your part, however, because you know that leaving a mess would definitely send them over the edge.

    6. The Borrower

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    You're 90% certain that your roommate doesn't actually own anything. Instead, they just borrow everything they need. Small talk is usually, "Hey, can I borrow your straightener/econ textbook/[insert necessity here]?" followed by your reluctant "sure, whatever."

    7. The Third Roommate

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    Your roommate's S.O. is literally ALWAYS in your room, even when your roommate's in class. And if the two of them aren't making puppy faces at each other, they're arguing about what to have for dinner. You are THIS close to suggesting splitting room and board three ways.

    8. The Toker

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    You're not sure what your roommate looks like without red eyes and a piece of cold pizza in their hand. Amazingly, their grades aren't going up in smoke as fast as their stash of weed. When your parents visited, your mom asked why the room smelled like a skunk, and you blamed it on the guys downstairs. (She believed you.)

    9. The Food Thief

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    At first, you thought you had just drunk eaten the Cheetos and forgotten about it. But then a packet of ramen also disappeared. Come to think of it, you seem to always have less milk than you remember. Seriously, buy your own food.

    10. The Ghost

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    Last week you saw your roommate one time for two minutes. But really, where the hell are they hiding?! You considered reporting them as missing to the RA, but then you thought about how nice it is to have a single...

    11. The Noisemaker

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    What's that you hear echoing down the hallway? Oh, just your roommate blasting Nickelback for all the world to hear. And, as if their alarm so loud it could wake the dead wasn't bad enough in the morning, your roommate insists on playing the guitar right as you're trying to fall asleep.

    12. The Student Leader

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    You don't actually see your roommate much since they're always at some organizational meeting. Seriously, if there's a club your roommate ISN'T president of, you're not sure what it is. When they are around, they're bedazzling posters and making your room smell like a Sharpie factory.

    13. The Hermit

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    You wake up, they're there. Post up (between classes), they're there. In all honestly, you don't think your roommate ever leaves the room. Can't a person get a little privacy every now and then? And seriously, how are they passing their classes if they never, ever go?

    14. The Future Academic

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    The library is their second home, and they're always reading Derrida for fun. The lamp clamped to their bed frame flickers late into the night until they finally decide to call it quits. You invited them to a party once, and they actually came along...and stayed a whole five minutes.

    15. The Perfect One

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    Living with other people is hard, but your roommate makes it easy. You're actually good friends with them, and you hang out every now and then – but you also give each other the space you need. College just wouldn't be the same without them!

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