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    Here's Kate McKinnon Hilariously Parodying Jeff Sessions' Senate Testimony

    Grinch mouth is back!

    SNL may be on hiatus, but that didn't stop Kate McKinnon from flawlessly spoofing Jeff Sessions' Senate testimony last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

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    The SNL goddess, who told Seth she actually prefers playing Sessions to Kellyanne Conway, just so happened to be stopping by to chat on the same day as the attorney general's Senate testimony.

    "I could always do this thing with my lip," she said, imitating Sessions, "and then he popped up into the world, and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, I'm gonna use it!'"


    Wearing her "Grinch mouth" but not the usual Sessions hair and makeup, she launched right in to his testimony from earlier in the day.


    The best part, though, was her take on meeting former FBI Director James Comey in the White House.


    And we have to wait HOW long for SNL to come back on?!


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