This Meme Of Kamala Harris "Waving Goodbye" Is So Funny I'm Wheezing

    "Me waving goodbye to my favorite artist when they leave the stage, even though I’m in a section they can’t even see."

    Last month, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris visited the Homestead Migrant Children Detention Facility in Florida.

    However, footage from the event — of Harris waving, then putting her hand on her heart — recently took on a life of its own on Twitter.

    Every aspect of the wave seemed to convey a different emotion, ranging from sincere, to heartfelt, to downright shady, thus making it prime material for a meme.

    Here are 18 of the best ones:


    Me waving goodbye to the stranger I unknowingly gave wrong directions too.


    Grandmas on their porch still waving at y’all from 25 miles down the road


    When you tell your friends you gonna meet them at the next spot but know you are about to go home and get in bed


    When he was a true sweetheart but you won’t be inviting him back over 👋🏽


    Waving at my Uber outside the club so they know I’m the one to pick up


    16 year old me waving bye to my mom after she dropped me off at sleepover knowing I was about to change into some Charlotte Russe tights and hit a basement party with my girls


    Saying goodbye to a co-worker and then taking the long way to the subway so you don’t get on the same train


    How a woman who is about to file for divorce waves to her husband as he leaves the house.


    Me waving goodbye to my ex-boyfriends who naively believe that we're parting on good terms and meanwhile i'm quietly planning their destruction.


    How your Grandma stands on the stoop and waves bye to your significant other she doesn’t like.


    me waving goodbye to my favorite artist when they leave the stage even tho i’m in a section they can’t even see


    Me at 17 watching my friend head out on a date with a girl knowing what we did when he slept over the night before.


    Me waving goodbye to the random girl at the club that complimented my outfit


    me waving to the stranger who is waving to the person behind me


    Me waving to the customers staring at me through my locked door when they try to come in after I’ve already closed.


    My homosexual genes to the heterosexual genes in the womb


    Me waving goodbye to the acquaintance who I pretended to remember throughout the whole conversation


    Me waving goodbye to my dog as he runs thru the doors at daycare, never looking back.. as if I don’t even exist.


    Harris was in Homestead, Florida, when the footage was taken. A previous version of this post misidentified her location.