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Jennifer Lawrence Covered Vogue's September Issue, And People Are Seriously Divided About It

J. Law's back!

It's mid-August, which means the September issue of Vogue will be hitting stands before you know it, and we finally know who'll be gracing the coveted cover.

For the second time in just four years, Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of the September issue. And this time, Vogue gave her FOUR different covers.

The September issue has arrived, starring #JenniferLawrence on four different covers! See them all:… https://t.co/SfIgtA7K8k

Twitter: @voguemagazine

There's a painting by John Currin, the first painted September cover in Vogue history, a New York Harbor shot by Annie Leibovitz, with the Statue of Liberty standing tall in the background, a black-and-white cover is by famed photographer Bruce Weber, and a blue-gray and gold number was shot by Inez and Vinoodh.

Seeing J. Law on the September cover might not be a total surprise, though, if you happened to hear the rumors back in July:

If that rumor is true, jennifer lawrence would be the first celebrity to cover the all-important Vogue September issue two times omg

J. Law first covered the September issue back in 2013.

Because this is 2017, people had some ~opinions~ about Vogue's choice. Some people were thrilled to see her on the cover:

@voguemagazine Jennifer Lawrence is the first actress to have 2 September vogue cover. She is iconic!

While others...weren't quite convinced:

What is Jennifer Lawrence doing at the moment that warrants a SEPTEMBER Vogue Cover

And some people just wanted to see Céline:

Céline was out in Paris SLAYING fashion week and Vogue go and give Jennifer Lawrence FOUR COVERS for the September issue?????? BITCH WHAT

AN 👏 Y 👏 WAY 👏 Here's how Vogue pulled it all off:

Here is everything it took to create Vogue’s 125th anniversary September issue, starring Jennifer Lawrence.… https://t.co/dkzGZcwwbR