21 Insanely Smart Tips For Living In NYC On A Budget

    The Big Apple on a little budget: More possible than you thought.

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best tips for living in NYC on a budget. Here's their brilliant advice.

    1. Never pay for a haircut or blowout again by volunteering as a model at a boutique salon. 💇

    2. Don't even THINK about living alone. 👨👩👱

    3. Trade a slightly longer commute for serious savings on rent. 🕗

    4. And, instead of living in NYC, consider less expensive alternatives like Hoboken and Jersey City. 🚈

    5. Apply for affordable housing in LUXURY buildings via the city's Housing Connect program. 🏢

    6. Find a good happy hour spot, and stick with it. 🍻

    7. Cheaper still, skip the bar and grab a $3 bottle of wine from Trader Joe's. 🍷

    8. When dining out, pass on the drink menu and go with water instead. 🍸

    9. Whatever you do, skip on takeout and delivery. 🍱

    10. Instead, opt for some delicious street food, which there's plenty of across the city, or grab some dollar slice pizza. 🍕

    11. Don't be afraid of buying produce from fruit and vegetable stands along the street. 🍊

    12. And check out Stiles Farmers Market in Hell's Kitchen for seriously cheap produce. 🍅

    13. Make brunch an occasional treat, not a weekly ritual. 🍹

    14. Keep an eye on daily deal websites like Groupon for discounts on everything from restaurants to clothing to spa packages. 💲

    15. Consider buying a weekly or monthly unlimited ride pass instead of paying per ride. 🚇

    16. See a Broadway show on the cheap with rush, lottery, and standing-room-only tickets. 🎼

    17. Or check out an Off-Broadway production for a fraction of the cost. 🎶

    18. For other free or cheap entertainment options, check out The Skint. 💰

    19. Buy your furniture on Craigslist for major discounts. 💻

    20. Hit up dollar stores like Jack's and pay a fraction of the regular price. 👛

    21. And, finally, take advantage of free admission to world-class museums across the city. 🏤

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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