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19 Things Straight People Have Ruined

Two words: Bone. Titties.

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2. When their couples Halloween costumes were actually horrifying:

3. When this dude married a pizza:

This 22-Year-Old Guy Married A #pizza Because Human #Relationships Are Just Too Complicated~


5. When they dressed their kids in R-rated onesies:

Straight people literally start sexualizing their kids from birth but still bitch about the gays. ANYWAY

7. When they got...creative...with their wedding photos:

what a beautiful wedding says a bridesmaid to a waiter, and yes but what a shame, what a shame the poor grooms brid…


15. When they got horny thinking about the gingerbread man:


16. When they answered the question, "What if Shakespeare had written Romeo and Juliet with emojis?":

17. When they nearly died taking vacation photos:

why do straight people feel the need to hang their partners off cliffs

18. When they loved hugging a little too much:

straight people are so... fucking... weird....