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    We Did The 10-Year Challenge For 20 Of The Hottest Guys Of 2019

    Zac Efron: Hot then, hot now.

    1. John Krasinski:

    2. Zac Efron:

    3. Michael B. Jordan:

    4. Milo Ventimiglia:

    5. Henry Cavill:

    6. Chris Hemsworth:

    7. Joe Jonas:

    8. Idris Elba:

    9. Nick Jonas:

    10. Drake:

    11. Ryan Reynolds:

    12. Jamie Dornan:

    13. Jason Momoa:

    14. Tom Hardy:

    15. Rami Malek:

    16. Ryan Gosling:

    17. Oscar Isaac:

    18. Chris Evans:

    19. Joe Manganiello:

    20. Jake Gyllenhaal:

    Editor's note: Since it's only mid-January and not all of these celebs have been photographed publicly this year, some of the present-day photos are from the latter part of 2018. In addition, Jason Momoa and Rami Malek were a bit MIA in 2009, so the photo on the left is actually from 2010.


    This post has been updated to reflect the gender identity of one of our inclusions in a previous version.