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    23 Stunningly Hot Doctors That'll Give You Heart Palpitations

    *wonders what that stethoscope do*

    1. *presses Life Alert*

    2. *calls him Daddy instead of Doctor*

    3. *wonders what that stethoscope do*

    4. *forgets how to breathe*

    5. *sweats profusely*

    6. *has heart palpitations*

    7. *hyperventilates*

    8. *fabricates illness*

    9. *schedules weekly followups*

    10. *obsessively hates his coworkers*

    Instagram: @unlimitedsmiley / Via

    11. *maxes out insurance coverage*

    12. *requests vaccine in the rear*

    13. *breaks out in hives*

    14. *passes out*

    15. *requests house call*

    16. *forgets how to speak*

    17. *hangs out in the ER*

    18. *stares at arm instead of face*

    19. *checks for wedding ring*

    20. *volunteers at the hospital*

    21. *trembles uncontrollably*

    22. *falls off examination table*

    23. *flatlines*

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