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I Just Found Out Why Airplane Bathrooms Still Have Ashtrays And It's Wild

No smoking sign + ashtray = SO WHAT IS THE TRUTH?!

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Like, for one, it's 2017, and two, it sounds like a terrible fucking idea. Let me illustrate with emojis:

Jon-Michael Poff / BuzzFeed

I was going to explain why it's a bad idea, but I really shouldn't have to, so I'm not.

Even though you always ignore them, flight attendants tell you smoking's prohibited every single flight, and there's also a 🚫 sign in the lavatory.


The thinking goes that if someone does decide to smoke on board, it'd be better for them to put the butt in the ashtray than in the trash, where it could catch fire and OHMYGOD I MUST STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS.