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We Know If You Were More Hollister, Abercrombie, Or American Eagle

Seagulls and eagles and moose, oh my!

  1. Pick a 2007 banger to listen to while you shop:

  2. What other store did you hit up?

  3. What '00s fashion trend would you bring back?

  4. Pick some mall food court grub:

  5. Pick a sexy Abercrombie & Fitch ad to gawk at:

  6. Finally, pick a '00s fashion icon:

2007 Week is a week of content that celebrates the iconic music hits, tabloid-fixture stars, crazy movie & TV moments, ~trendy styles~, and much more that made the year SO important for pop culture. Take a step back in time and check out more great 2007 content here. It's what Lindsay Lohan would want!

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