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17 Grown-Up Jokes In Disney Movies That’ll Make You Say, "How'd I Not Notice That?!"


1. Flower's full-body erection after kissing another skunk in Bambi:

2. Anna's penis size joke in Frozen:

3. This hilarious nod to gay bears in San Francisco in Inside Out:

4. The sign for a topless bar at Top Down Truckstop in Cars:

5. And Lightning McQueen getting ~flashed~ by Tia and Mia:

6. Cruella de Vil's one-two punch in 101 Dalmatians:

7. Collette's worried glance at Linguini's nether regions in Ratatouille:

8. And Skinner's cleverly disguised sex joke:

9. Not to mention Anton Ego's oral sex innuendo:

10. The literal "hooker" in Toy Story:

11. And Buzz's, um, excitement at meeting Jessie in Toy Story 2:

12. Plus Mr. Potato Head's furious fellatio snap back in Toy Story 3:

13. Hermes' masturbation joke in Hercules:

14. The Genie's line about passionate honeymoon sex in Aladdin: The King of Thieves:

15. The horny bus driver's response to the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus:

16. Kronk's pitched tent in The Emperor's New Groove:

17. And finally, Ralph's X-rated insult at Pac-Man in Wreck-It Ralph: