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21 Things You'll Miss About Greek Life After You Graduate

Toga! Toga! Toga!

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1. Never having to drink alone, even at 11 a.m.

2. Being "forced" to wear tanks for the good of the chapter...

3. ...and never having to decide what to wear because IT'S LETTER DAY.

4. Stocking up on the cheap stuff for the weekend...

5. ...and finishing every last drop at the party.

6. Being closer to your Big than to your actual siblings.

7. Watching out for your Little like they're your own flesh and blood.

10. ...and never being forced to sit alone.

11. Volunteering alongside your best friends...

12. ...and hoping your good deeds make up for your debauchery last weekend.

We are proud to announce that we are donating $13,000.00 to @SeriousFunCamps this year from #PhiTauStepShow!

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We are proud to announce that we are donating $13,000.00 to @SeriousFunCamps this year from #PhiTauStepShow!

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13. Anticipating Bid Day and the arrival of pledges.

14. Not being judged by your friends for the stupid stuff you did when you were drunk.

15. Drunk singing "Wagon Wheel" with the rest of the chapter.

If you can call it singing.

16. Going ALL OUT for theme parties.

17. Looking classy as hell at the football tailgate party.

18. Partying all weekend long...

19. ...and feeling fine on Monday morning.

20. Having your brothers and sisters there through thick and thin...

21. ...and making memories that will last a lifetime.