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10 Restaurant Menus That Were Designed By Geniuses, And 10 That Clearly Were Not

Not all menus are created equally, apparently.

1. The circular menu at this Italian restaurant shows you what different kinds of pizza look like:

u/polynilium / Via

2. Clearly not every spiral-bound menu is meant to be:

u/zertyheg / Via

3. This "secret" menu on the back of the regular menu is reflected in the mirror behind the counter:

u/nosheven / Via

4. This mirrored menu, however, is impossible to read:

u/cwithersk12s / Via

5. The built-in flashlight in this menu makes it easier to read in dimly lit restaurants:

u/unthused / Via

6. ThE fOnT oF tHiS mEnU mAkEs ReAdInG iT nEaRlY iMpOsSiBlE:

u/salandersdragon / Via

7. This cocktail menu plots drinks on a graph based on how strong and experimental they are, and it tells you what kind of glass they come in:

u/kfodnes / Via

8. Speaking of Texcock — I mean cocktails — there's this menu:

u/salandersdragon / Via

9. This fast-food restaurant puts the kids' menu where kids can actually see it:

u/YalondaNubs / Via

10. Meanwhile, this menu should be kept out of children's sight:

u/truffs1010 / Via

11. This pizzeria menu has a ruler on the side so you can see how big different-sized pizzas actually are:

u/SaintMercy57 / Via

12. This menu, on the other hand, is the opposite of helpful:

u/jookz / Via

13. This menu is a Venn diagram of every breakfast sandwich combination the restaurant offers:

u/opoo_mob / Via

14. This menu, however, looks like a failing health department inspection score:

u/drobinow / Via

15. This beer menu illustrates the flavor, color/maltiness, bitterness, and hoppiness of various beers:

u/fitzhughwho / Via

16. This poorly designed menu looks upside down:

u/Cerberus73 / Via

17. The menu at this Japanese restaurant is basically Sushi 101:

u/noah_ichiban / Via

18. This menu cover took me five whole minutes to read:

u/Zargaith94 / Via

19. This illustrated menu prevents espresso novices from annoying the hell out of their barista:

u/mister86japan / Via

20. And finally, this children's menu proves not everything should be illustrated:

u/plspassdabudder / Via

H/t r/mildlyinteresting and r/CrappyDesign