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21 Moms Reveal What They Actually Want For Mother's Day

Take notes. Mother's Day is almost here.

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Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is hard, so to make things easier, we asked moms of the BuzzFeed Community what they'd actually like to receive. Here's what they told us.


5. Time is the most precious gift you can give. Spend the day with her doing whatever she likes to do.

Particularly good for moms with teenage and adult children.

—Sonnet Fitzgerald, Facebook

6. She's cooked you plenty of meals. Return the favor by serving her a home-cooked breakfast in bed...


Make sure to clean up everything afterward; otherwise it's no gift at all!

—Kisa Johnson, Facebook


7. ...or treating her to a delicious brunch at her favorite restaurant.

—Dana Murphy, Facebook


11. Flowers are fine, but an Edible Arrangement is even better.

Check out the Edible Arrangement site here.



21. But whatever you do, make sure that your mom feels like more than just a mom because, believe it or not, she loves you more than you'll ever know.


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