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21 Moms Reveal What They Actually Want For Mother's Day

Take notes. Mother's Day is almost here.

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is hard, so to make things easier, we asked moms of the BuzzFeed Community what they'd actually like to receive. Here's what they told us.

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1. Instead of just signing your name to a store-bought card, make a card that shows how much you really care.


—Julia de Castro, Facebook

2. Even better, write her a heartfelt letter that she can reread from time to time.


—Carrie Beth Hintz, Facebook

3. Moms deserve more than just a day, so write her a short note for each week of the year.

For example, "52 Ways You Are The World’s Best Mom." DIY here.

—Sonnet Fitzgerald, Facebook

4. Or make her a coupon book she can redeem whenever she wants.

But you have to hold up your end of the deal! Go here for help making one.


5. Time is the most precious gift you can give. Spend the day with her doing whatever she likes to do.

6. She's cooked you plenty of meals. Return the favor by serving her a home-cooked breakfast in bed...


Make sure to clean up everything afterward; otherwise it's no gift at all!

—Kisa Johnson, Facebook

7. ...or treating her to a delicious brunch at her favorite restaurant.

8. Let the pampering begin by getting her a gift certificate to the salon.

Older kids can even make it a date and have a salon day with mom!

—Kelsey Green, Facebook

9. Or, get her a gift card with explicit instructions that she buy something she wants and not something she needs.


Etsy, Amazon, or wherever she likes to shop.


10. If you won't be around on Mother's Day, call your mom and catch up — trust us, she'll feel the love.

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11. Flowers are fine, but an Edible Arrangement is even better.

12. Buy her favorite bottle of wine, or, if you're gunning for Child of the Year, get her a subscription to a wine of the month club.


—Sara Fox, Facebook

13. If your mom's an avid reader, there's nothing better than a good book with a handwritten note inside.


—Meredith Hopkins, Facebook

14. Having family pictures made is a great way to capture your love for mom...


—Dana Murphy, Facebook

15. ...or, if you already have tons of great photos, get her a digital photo frame preloaded with family pictures.

16. For a mom with younger kids, relatives can find a way to give her some "me time"...

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17. letting her sleep in...


—Johnathan Hailey Heiden, Facebook

18. ...letting her take a long, hot bath without being interrupted by a screaming child...

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—Larra Harr-Lopez, Facebook

19. ...and making sure the cooking and cleaning is all taken care of.


—Johnathan Hailey Heiden, Facebook

20. Ultimately, you can't go wrong giving her something you made yourself.

For Mother's Day DIY ideas, check out this post.


21. But whatever you do, make sure that your mom feels like more than just a mom because, believe it or not, she loves you more than you'll ever know.

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