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    23 Tweets From Last Month That Made Me Laugh On The Inside And Also The Outside

    You can have a little laugh, as a treat.

    Jon-Michael Poff / BuzzFeed

    February is somehow already over, which means it's time to look back on the best tweets of the month. If you like what you see, click through and follow your favorites to make your Twitter timeline a happier, funnier place!


    ME: hello CHARACTER IN A WES ANDERSON FILM: good evening. or salutations. or perhaps it's almost goodnight, i'm sorry. i was never good with time or clocks or meaningful friendships, huh. you know how to get to the *TITLE OF FILM*? *blinks thrice* *90s FRENCH SONG PLAYS*

    Twitter: Matt Buechele / Via Twitter: @mattbooshell



    if ur sad in LA u can go to the beach, but if ur sad in NY u can go to ur bodega guy and he’ll say “u are very beautiful but not when u frown”


    ask not for whom the baja blasts; it blasts for thee



    I was just at starbucks on my lunch break and the guy in front of me in line asked the barista if they could crumble up 2 blueberry scones and blend them into his drink. not sure what his story is but i hope he finds peace


    you just KNOW these bitches had tea


    this has genuinely fucked me up i keep laughing


    No one wants to hang out with me anymore ever since I got a bad personality and became evil


    just flip the ladder upside down bro


    I hope the day never comes but if it does I’ll be ready


    why did teachers always put ur name on the board when u laughed or talked in class ?? lmao free clout ??


    Utah freeways calling out your lonely ass


    *Starts new job* Co-worker: Hello Me: How much was yo first check? 🧐😂



    After ya third sneeze, that’s between you and GOD. I done did all I could do


    LMFAOOOOOOO Jimmy Fallon thought he was about to get CANCELED😭😭😭😭 I’m SCREAMING


    beyonce in 2003 when she was in love



    How to make friends as an adult: 1. Say "we should hang!" 2. Do not hang. 3. Say "we should hang!" 6 months later. 4. Cancel. 5. Reschedule. 6. Respect their cancelation. 7. Reschedule. 8. Actually hang. 9. Say "we should do this more often!" 10. Die.


    big fan of apple’s new men are trash campaign


    My 2 yo daughter watched the Super Bowl halftime show. She’s now a stripper and selling pictures of her feet online. She’s supporting the entire family and we’ve never been more proud.


    twitter needs a close friends feature bc i got a) shit to say and b) a job to keep

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