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27 Fucking Hilarious Tweets About The "American Horror Story: Cult" Premiere

"Right in front of my watermelons?" [Spoilers ahead.]

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1. American Horror Story: Cult has finally arrived, and if the first episode is any indication, it's going to be political AF.

2. AHS staples Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson were back in action...

3. ...with Sarah Paulson playing her usual self.

#ahscult Sarah Paulson, every season of AHS:

4. Literally everything scares her.

5. Donald Trump's win sends Ally over the edge, but is she really in a place to be casting stones?

wait she's upset about the election but she voted for a third party candidate? #AHSCult

6. Ally's wife Ivy looks...familiar.

7. The election watch party scene was straightforward enough, but Twisty's reemergence left people feeling a little confused.

Mutual: "So what is AHS Cult about so far?" Me: #AHSCult

8. Save 👏 yourself 👏 first 👏.

Me if I saw some whack clown murdering my boyfriend #AHSCult #AHS

9. Of course AHS diehards wanted Jessica Lange back.

Y'all bring back Twisty but not the supreme #AHSCult

10. Evan Peters character Kai took the Donald Trump-Cheetos joke very, very literally.

Evan Peters right now #AHS #AHSCULT

11. And his fans had to do some serious soul searching.

me seasons 1-6: god i love evan peters so much me right now: #AHSCult

12. Boy, bye.

13. We'll get over this together.

The fact that I can't support Evan this season #AHSCult

14. There were some jarring one-liners.

15. And Ryan Murphy gave us a new catchphrase.

16. Ally's trip to the supermarket left people wondering one thing:

what is up with all these horny clowns??? #AHSCult

17. Nothing is sacred.

18. A rosé a day keeps the clowns away. (Or maybe not.)

19. ♫ Never drop that alcohol, never drop that alcohol / I know you thinkin' 'bout alcohol ♫

#AHSCult Sarah Paulson throwing wine bottles Me:

20. Toward the end of the episode, it's clear that Ally is in a Bad Place.

21. And it's not too hard to imagine the various seasons of AHS coming together.

Patiently waiting for Sister Mary Eunice to come and take Sarah back to Briarcliff. #AHSCult #AHS

22. Will Ivy be able to put up with Ally's phobias?

23. Literally me:

Pretending to be one with the clowns after they climb out of that ice cream truck so they don't kill me #AHSCult


25. Even the commercial breaks were terrifying.

26. This read:

Most of you girls probably relate to Ally bc y'all wake up next to clowns every morning #AHSCult

27. And finally, you right now: