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27 Fucking Hilarious Tweets About The "American Horror Story: Cult" Premiere

"Right in front of my watermelons?" [Spoilers ahead.]

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3. ...with Sarah Paulson playing her usual self.

#ahscult Sarah Paulson, every season of AHS:


4. Literally everything scares her.

5. Donald Trump's win sends Ally over the edge, but is she really in a place to be casting stones?

wait she's upset about the election but she voted for a third party candidate? #AHSCult

7. The election watch party scene was straightforward enough, but Twisty's reemergence left people feeling a little confused.

Mutual: "So what is AHS Cult about so far?" Me: #AHSCult


8. Save 👏 yourself 👏 first 👏.

Me if I saw some whack clown murdering my boyfriend #AHSCult #AHS

9. Of course AHS diehards wanted Jessica Lange back.

Y'all bring back Twisty but not the supreme #AHSCult

10. Evan Peters character Kai took the Donald Trump-Cheetos joke very, very literally.

Evan Peters right now #AHS #AHSCULT

11. And his fans had to do some serious soul searching.

me seasons 1-6: god i love evan peters so much me right now: #AHSCult


13. We'll get over this together.

The fact that I can't support Evan this season #AHSCult

14. There were some jarring one-liners.


16. Ally's trip to the supermarket left people wondering one thing:

what is up with all these horny clowns??? #AHSCult

19. ♫ Never drop that alcohol, never drop that alcohol / I know you thinkin' 'bout alcohol ♫

#AHSCult Sarah Paulson throwing wine bottles Me:


21. And it's not too hard to imagine the various seasons of AHS coming together.

Patiently waiting for Sister Mary Eunice to come and take Sarah back to Briarcliff. #AHSCult #AHS

23. Literally me:

Pretending to be one with the clowns after they climb out of that ice cream truck so they don't kill me #AHSCult


26. This read:

Most of you girls probably relate to Ally bc y'all wake up next to clowns every morning #AHSCult