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21 Hilarious Church Signs From 2018 That'll Make You Laugh, I Swear

"You can't enter heaven unless Jesus enters you." πŸ‘€

1. This raunchy suggestion:

2. This reference to the classic hymn "In My Feelings" by Drake:

3. This uplifting reminder:

u/craazy_hEad / Via

4. This sign about penetration β€” I mean, salvation:

5. This punny sign:

6. This reminder to get your ass to church:

7. This sign that Jesus definitely didn't approve:

8. This baptism joke:

9. This ~grave~ reminder:

10. This runny β€” er, funny β€” joke:

11. This important question:

12. This oh-so Southern sign:

13. This Star Wars reference:

14. This important distinction:

15. These fighting words:

16. This Snoop Dogg commandment:

17. This life-saving clarification:

18. This amazing pun:

19. This Harry Potter reference:

20. This wholesome appeal:

21. And finally, this:

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