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    Updated on Jul 21, 2019. Posted on Dec 17, 2017

    15 Of The Most Disrespectful Things That Have Ever Happened To Guacamole


    1. When someone put sprinkles on their guac like it was a goddamn ice cream sundae:

    Twitter: @carlieburow / Via Twitter: @carlieburow

    2. And when someone dipped chocolate chip cookies in their guac like it were a big glass of milk:

    Twitter: @WineTom / Via Twitter: @WineTom

    3. The time this person drowned their guac in Flamin' Hot Cheetos:

    Twitter: @NicholeManna / Via Twitter: @NicholeManna

    4. When The New York Times invented fake news:

    Add green peas to your guacamole. Trust us.

    5. And when this local news station showed us what alternative facts really look like:

    Watermelon: The secret ingredient to the best guacamole. Happy National Watermelon Day!

    6. The time someone made grape-amole:

    Twitter: @ChivetteLaura / Via Twitter: @ChivetteLaura

    7. When someone ruined a perfectly good thing with pomegranate seeds and pineapple:

    Twitter: @Lab_Casual / Via Twitter: @Lab_Casual

    8. The time the county fair took things way, way too far:

    Twitter: @MasonGinsberg / Via Twitter: @MasonGinsberg

    9. When Whole Foods concocted this hipster disaster:

    Twitter: @Rachrinc / Via Twitter: @Rachrinc

    10. And when this person put chocolate on their guac and had the audacity to hashtag it #foodie:

    Twitter: @mariaevakatrien / Via Twitter: @mariaevakatrien

    11. The time this person ruined two good things by mixing them together:

    Twitter: @Horrorshow87 / Via Twitter: @Horrorshow87

    12. When this restaurant adulterated their guac with strawberries and goat cheese:

    Twitter: @StarrRestaurant / Via Twitter: @StarrRestaurant

    13. When someone got carried away with the mixer and gave it the texture of mashed potatoes:

    Twitter: @elizardbath / Via Twitter: @elizardbath

    14. The time it was put in an "Easy Squeeze" tube:

    Instagram: @brittamattwinston / Via

    15. And worst of all, when guacamole came in a METAL CAN:

    Twitter: @GabbiAlner / Via Twitter: @GabbiAlner