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Updated on Jun 1, 2020. Posted on May 26, 2020

This "Yes Or No" Food Quiz Can Guess Your Age With Surprising Accuracy

Guaranteed accurate for Gen Z'ers and millennials only!

  1. Have you ever eaten Oreo O's?

    Instagram: @cerealoftheday /
  2. What about Crispy M&M's?

    Instagram: @mz_sofly /
  3. Did you ever snack on Doritos 3D's?

    Twitter: @Dbishop1987 / Twitter: @Dbishop1987
  4. Did you ever eat Heinz EZ Squirt ketchup with your fries?

    Instagram: @amberlcochran /
  5. Did you ever squeeze a Squeez-It?

    General Mills
  6. Did you ever eat Chicken Tonight for dinner?

  7. Have you ever had Oatmeal Swirlers?

    Instagram: @modellucyebony1986 /
  8. Or Flintstones Push-Up pops?

  9. What about Dunkaroos?

    Instagram: @hheyamyy /
  10. Did you ever crack open a Pepsi Blue?

    Enricky17 /
  11. Or eat a can of Planters Cheez Balls?

    Instagram: @zoey_food_life /
  12. Did you ever chew on Ouch!?

    Instagram: @rundmc12987 /
  13. Or suck on a Baby Bottle Pop?

    Instagram: @shannonpage22 /
  14. Have you ever eaten a Jell-O Pudding Pop?

    Facebook: Jell-O Pudding Pops / Facebook: 465770320157306
  15. What about a Kudos granola bar?

    YouTube: Tami Dunn /
  16. Have you ever eaten a pack of Gushers?

    Instagram: @mechanicalgemm /
  17. Surely you've eaten a Lunchable, right?

    Instagram: @_budz_ /