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First Date On Instagram Vs. First Date In Real Life

We found love in a filtered place.

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Meeting at a bar on Instagram.

Meeting at a bar in real life.

Grabbing drinks on Instagram.

Grabbing drinks in real life.

Flickr: Erica Cherup / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: silvermarquis

Having chemistry on Instagram.

Having chemistry in real life.

Setting a date on Instagram.

Setting a date in real life.

Buying a new outfit on Instagram.

Buying a new outfit in real life.

NBC / Via

Getting ready on Instagram.

Getting ready in real life.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Going out to dinner on Instagram.

Going out to dinner in real life.

20th Century Fox / Via

Making small talk on Instagram.

Making small talk in real life.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

Catching a movie afterward on Instagram.

Catching a movie afterward in real life.

Jon-Michael Poff / BuzzFeed

Kissing goodnight on Instagram.

Kissing goodnight in real life.

MBC / Via

Dreaming about your next date on Instagram.

Dreaming about your next date in real life.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via

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