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    18 Environmentally Friendly Restaurants That Are Straight-Up Living In 3018

    Food waste → compost → fresh produce.

    1. These fancy restaurants in London compost their food waste via a startup called Indie Ecology, which in turn ploughs it "back into the soil to grow fresh produce for the kitchens it came from":

    Instagram: @indie.ecology / Via, Instagram: @indie.ecology / Via, Instagram: @indie.ecology / Via

    2. And some restaurants in Denver — like Urban Farmer, for example — compost their food waste using a bicycle-powered pickup service called Scraps:

    Instagram: @urbanfarmerdenver / Via, Instagram: @scraps.mile.high / Via

    3. This restaurant serves the Impossible Burger, which is made entirely from plants and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to cows — oh, and it actually tastes really fuckin' good:

    4. This restaurant in Brooklyn gives away seed packets to encourage customers to "grow flowers at home and save the bees":

    Instagram: @colonienyc / Via

    5. This restaurant in Minneapolis serves local beer and wine on tap rather than in bottles and cans:

    Instagram: @figfarro / Via, Instagram: @figfarro / Via

    6. The toilet at this Panera Bread has a water-saving dual-function handle to reduce water waste:

    u/NoImDirtyDan47 / Via

    7. This restaurant in San Francisco operates an aquaponic greenhouse that converts food scraps into food for fish, which in turn fertilize its vegetable and herb production:

    Instagram: @theperennialsf / Via, Instagram: @?theperennialsf / Via

    8. This Burger King in Delhi has a box for unused condiments:

    u/JayCliff / Via

    9. The tables at this café in Maryland are made from old wooden construction signs:

    u/please_hava_seat / Via

    10. This coffeeshop gives away used coffee grounds, which people can use as compost in their gardens:

    u/dazz9573 / Via

    11. This coffeeshop has fettuccine instead of plastic or wooden stirrers:

    u/rj3069 / Via

    12. This café gives people a free cup of coffee for picking up trash from a nearby beach:

    u/Chazster567 / Via

    13. This restaurant in London is made from old shipping containers:

    u/LordPanMan / Via

    14. This restaurant doesn't give you a straw unless you ask:

    u/justheretoBehappy / Via

    15. And this restaurant in Illinois has 100% compostable straws (that don't disintegrate as you use them):

    16. This café put plants beneath the water taps to catch falling droplets:

    u/halfandhafu / Via

    17. This takeaway bowl is made from compostable plant fiber, which will turn into soil in just 90 days:

    u/Yankee9204 / Via

    18. And the lid to this takeaway box is made from recycled water bottles (two and a half of them to be exact!):

    u/-ironic_username- / Via

    H/t r/mildlyinteresting and

    Know of a restaurant doing its part to save the environment? Let us know in the comments!

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