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    Posted on Sep 17, 2015

    Donald Trump Gave The Worst High Five In History At The GOP Debate

    The most cringeworthy thing you'll see all day.

    At the GOP debate on Wednesday night, Donald Trump somehow managed to mess up a high five with fellow candidate Ben Carson, and it was AWKWARD AS HELL.

    The high five-handshake lasted only four seconds, but it seemed like an ETERNITY.

    Twitter immediately lit up as everyone sought comfort after witnessing such an awkward encounter.

    That Donald Trump-Ben Carson high five/handshake thing was so incredibly awkward.

    Donald Trump: trying and failing to high five the one black guy onstage.


    The high five Donald Trump and Ben Carson just shared. #GOPDdebate #CNNDebate

    Note to future candidates: DON'T.

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