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17 Dogs Who Have This Thanksgiving Thing Down

Waiting for leftovers is ruff!

1. "Why, again, did you dress me up like a TURKEY? I thought I was a dog."

2. "If you're going to dress me up like a turkey on the day PEOPLE EAT TURKEY, at least let me be first in line."

3. "We'll even do the dishes if you'll give us more food!"

4. "The anticipation is killin' me, dad!"

5. "I'LL BE YOUR TASTE TESTER! Oh my goodness, it's so yummy!"

6. "GET TO THE KITCHEN! I heard Grandma say it's turkey time!"

7. "Ready..."

8. "Set..."

9. "GO!'"

10. "Oh yeah, this is hitting the spot!"

11. "I'm rollin' with the big dogs this year!"

12. "Family and food, that's what it's all about."


14. "This is the best day EVER!"

15. "So are you, like, gonna finish your plate? Cause if not..."

16. "You can watch the game if you want, but I'm in for a long winter's nap."

17. "Why can't EVERY day be Thanksgiving?"

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