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17 Photos From People Stuck On The Quarantined Grand Princess Cruise Ship

"Please enjoy this photo of my grandparents doing tai chi in our stateroom."

1. After being held off the coast of California since late last week because of the coronavirus, the Grand Princess is set to dock today in Oakland with some 3,500 passengers aboard.

2. Coronavirus testing kits were delivered to the ship via National Guard airdrop last Thursday after officials learned that a passenger who'd traveled on the Grand Princess in February had contracted COVID-19 and died — 21 people tested positive.

Two helicopters approaching the #GrandPrincess with #coronavirus test kits. Again, my parents are on board (as well as many other parents and siblings and children). Please pray for them. @PrincessCruises @GavinNewsom @KTVU #COVID19

3. Passengers are currently quarantined in their rooms, and meals are left at the door to minimize contact with crew members.

My parents report they are eating good but completely isolated. Food is dropped and left at the door #GrandPrincessCruise

4. This family — with six kids between the ages of 1 and 12 — has been quarantined for "80 hours and counting in...windowless rooms."

5. Passengers are, however, occasionally allowed outside for fresh air.

6. "Cor-OH-NO virus bringing us social distancing," wrote Olivia Guthrie on Instagram. "Good for the health. Bad for the heart."

7. Exercising has been a challenge, to say the least.

#GrandPrincessCruise #CoronaVirusUpdate #COVID19 please enjoy this photo of my grandparents doing tai chi in our stateroom on #GrandPrincess (part of the provided entertainment)—it’s super important that we all get up & move during the day! 💪🏼

8. Staving off boredom hasn't been easy either.

when #GrandPrincess starts teaching us how to make paper airplanes via our stateroom TVs 😭😭 #princesscruises

9. While some passengers have relied on "entertainment packages," delivered daily by the crew, to stay busy...

Today's entertainment package. #GrandPrincess @PrincessCruises

10. ...passenger Belinda Dill, who brought a sewing machine with her on the trip, has been quilting away in her cabin.

11. This person, meanwhile, FaceTimed their dogs back home.

#GrandPrincess #coronavirus #COVID19 looks like i may have to rely on FaceTime to see my family (& doggos 🐶) for the next 14+ days during the proposed #quarantine 😕

12. As for food, here's what breakfast looked like on Sunday:

for anyone curious about what breakfast looks like, here’s an example from this morning—delivered to our doors on trays by the crew 🙌🏼 #GrandPrincess #CoronaVirusUpdate

13. And here's lunch on Saturday:

Lunch on the #GrandPrincess 🤷🏻‍♂️

14. These passengers' afternoon tea, however, really takes the cake:

15. Crew members are doing their best to keep passengers fed and entertained...

16. ...and by the looks of it, passengers really appreciate it.

17. Finally, as this passenger put it, "There is light at the end of this particular tunnel."

There is light at the end of this particular tunnel. #GrandPrincess #GrandPrincessCruise