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24 Shocking Pictures Of Famous Places Before And After The Coronavirus Outbreak

Hardly a soul in sight.

1. The Kaaba, Islam's holiest shrine, at the Grand Mosque of Mecca in August 2018:

2. The Kaaba on March 6:

3. St. Peter's Square in Vatican City during the weekly Angelus prayer on Jan. 19:

4. Saint Peter's Square today:

5. Tokyo's Sensoji temple packed with visitors last April:

6. The temple, nearly empty, a few days ago:

7. St. Mark's Square in Venice overrun with tourists last June:

8. St. Mark's Square this morning:

9. The Square's namesake basilica in June:

10. And the basilica today:

11. Disneyland Resort in Hong Kong in August 2015:

12. The resort, temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, last week:

13. Tokyo Disneyland on Feb. 28:

14. And Tokyo Disneyland the very next day after closing down:

15. The Tokyo Dome packed with worshipers during Pope Francis's visit last November:

16. The Tokyo Dome late last month during a professional baseball game being played without spectators:

17. Tourists in Milan's Piazza del Duomo in October 2017:

18. Now, just pigeons:

19. Tiananmen Square in Beijing in April 2013:

20. Tiananmen Square completely empty last Saturday:

21. The Roman Colosseum in April 2019:

22. The Colosseum last Sunday:

23. And finally, New York's Grand Central Station, usually filled with commuters:

24. The Main Concourse a little after 7 o'clock this morning: