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14 Infuriating Pictures Of "Social Distancing" In Arkansas, Which STILL Doesn't Have A Stay-At-Home Order

The state ranks next-to-last for social distancing.

Arkansas is one of only five states that still lacks a statewide stay-at-home order.

This, despite the fact that there are currently over 800 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state, and Rogers, Arkansas, could be part of the next wave of outbreaks.

According to the New York Times, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson referred to stay-at-home orders as an "illusion" because of the exceptions that are typically made. And while he has encouraged people to practice social distancing, here's how that's actually playing out:

1. People are still going hiking...

@AsaHutchinson Petit Jean State Park.

2. ...and not in the alone-in-nature sort of way.

@AsaHutchinson @ADHPIO Doing a great job with social distancing.

3. This Walmart "looks like music festival parking."

@AsaHutchinson @AsaHutchinson look at how well people listen to social distancing suggestions. Local walmart looks like music festival parking. #StayHomeSaveLives #asaresign

4. Ditto at this Lowe's.

@AsaHutchinson Fort Smith isn’t following your “guidelines.” When are you going to protect your constituents? How many have to die before you take action?

5. Honestly, y'all, the home improvement projects can wait.

@AsaHutchinson please ask Home Improvement stores to follow social distancing guidelines. Lowe’s was packed yesterday. Expect a spike in Saline Cty in 10-14days

6. I don't think stay-at-home recommendations are referring to The Home Depot.

@MSNBC @AsaHutchinson isn’t worried about a stay-at-home order, apparently...

7. A few churches are still having in-person services.


8. Some athletes are still practicing football.

Arkansas needs a shelter in place order NOW. This pic in Little Rock was sent to me yesterday. 🤦🏻‍♀️ @AsaHutchinson #COVID19 #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #

9. Literally a contact sport...

At least the 2nd day in a row the parking lot & field has been PACKED. This is an organized football game going on right now. @FrankScottJr @LRpolice @AsaHutchinson

10. Golf courses are busy.

@dawnerscott @THV11 @AsaHutchinson Then it’s time to shelter in place..instead here is our golf course today... one group after another. If this keeps up, it will go beyond the prediction. Good going Arkansas.

11. People are STILL going to BARS?!?

@notcapnamerica This was outside a bar in Arkansas today. Nobody is distancing or staying at home. Only 42 people have been tested in my county.


@AsaHutchinson And btw, why are these still open?

13. The parking lot is literally full.

@FtSmithARK @AsaHutchinson Still open tanning???!

14. And cosmetics stores? Open for business.

Stay at home, y'all, and do your part to slow the spread.