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    21 "Cooks" Who Should Be Arrested And Charged For Crimes Against Culinary Arts

    "Pasta shells filled with my favorite things for supper: peanut butter, chicken paste, tomato ketchup..."

    1. Whoever used their Instant Pot for the cursed purpose of cooking a gigantic hard-boiled egg ring.

    2. This blasphemer who had the gall to call these "nachos."

    3. Ditto with whoever called these "gluten-free vegan TACOS."

    4. This person who made a "charcuterie board" out of Oreos, Cheetos, deli meat, chicken nuggets, and Jell-O.

    5. This person who ruined their drink and their pizza rolls.

    6. Whoever desecrated these chicken wings with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

    7. This person whose "salad lasagna" is the saddest thing I've ever seen.

    8. And this person whose "one-pot dinner" is too gross for words.

    9. This person whose creation is a slap in the face to chicken, waffles, and Southerners.

    10. Whoever filled these innocent pasta shells with every condiment in their refrigerator.

    11. This sicko who made chocolate bar ramen.

    12. This amateur who tried — and failed — to make a simple grilled cheese because they left the plastic wrap on.

    13. This person who, IMHO, isn't worthy of guacamole to begin with.

    14. Whoever drenched these Fritos with mayo and mustard, then tossed in cut-up hot dog for good measure.

    15. This person who probably thought their "cheesesteak cheesecake" was clever, but it was actually just gross.

    16. This person who "didn't have shredded cheese but wanted tacos."

    17. This "gourmet" (their words, not mine) hot dog connoisseur.

    18. And this "Twinkie wiener sandwich" creator.

    19. This person who likes a little something sweet with their salami sandwich.

    20. And this person, who's obviously related.

    21. And finally, whoever spooned a sweet dollop of Nutella onto a sulfury hard-boiled egg, then took a bite.