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    21 "Cooks" Who Should Be Arrested And Charged For Crimes Against Culinary Arts

    "Pasta shells filled with my favorite things for supper: peanut butter, chicken paste, tomato ketchup..."

    1. Whoever used their Instant Pot for the cursed purpose of cooking a gigantic hard-boiled egg ring.

    Twitter: @itsmarshallb / Via Twitter: @itsmarshallb

    2. This blasphemer who had the gall to call these "nachos."

    u/crunchybanana13 / Via

    3. Ditto with whoever called these "gluten-free vegan TACOS."

    u/sayanothername / Via

    4. This person who made a "charcuterie board" out of Oreos, Cheetos, deli meat, chicken nuggets, and Jell-O.

    u/vdo75 / Via

    5. This person who ruined their drink and their pizza rolls.

    Twitter: @GreenBuffOP / Via Twitter: @GreenBuffOP

    6. Whoever desecrated these chicken wings with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

    Twitter: @CHRISxJETSFOO / Via Twitter: @CHRISxJETSFOO

    7. This person whose "salad lasagna" is the saddest thing I've ever seen.

    u/BaconBunkerFuck / Via

    8. And this person whose "one-pot dinner" is too gross for words.

    u/mdorph / Via

    9. This person whose creation is a slap in the face to chicken, waffles, and Southerners.

    u/smithofjared / Via

    10. Whoever filled these innocent pasta shells with every condiment in their refrigerator.

    u/FuckTheArbiters / Via

    11. This sicko who made chocolate bar ramen.

    u/attackontntitans / Via

    12. This amateur who tried — and failed — to make a simple grilled cheese because they left the plastic wrap on.

    u/CollinLou / Via

    13. This person who, IMHO, isn't worthy of guacamole to begin with.

    u/EsesaWithTheHardR / Via

    14. Whoever drenched these Fritos with mayo and mustard, then tossed in cut-up hot dog for good measure.

    u/KiltedCajun / Via

    15. This person who probably thought their "cheesesteak cheesecake" was clever, but it was actually just gross.

    u/bondiblue2k1 / Via

    16. This person who "didn't have shredded cheese but wanted tacos."

    u/shatzweak / Via

    17. This "gourmet" (their words, not mine) hot dog connoisseur.

    u/Ponchossweater / Via

    18. And this "Twinkie wiener sandwich" creator.

    u/captainjenkins / Via

    19. This person who likes a little something sweet with their salami sandwich.

    u/Kirstae / Via

    20. And this person, who's obviously related.

    u/chrisvskris / Via

    21. And finally, whoever spooned a sweet dollop of Nutella onto a sulfury hard-boiled egg, then took a bite.

    u/yamilonga / Via