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26 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insanely Cold It Is Across The US

Even antifreeze is freezing.

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1. In case you didn't know, it's really REALLY cold across most of the US right now.

Twitter: @Patrick_Fenelon / Via Twitter: @Patrick_Fenelon

2. I mean, like, REALLY COLD.

Twitter: @1013KDWB / Via Twitter: @1013KDWB

3. Like, "my toilet froze" cold:

Colin Lovequist / Via Twitter: @LoungeCKRM

4. It's so cold you can freeze noodles:

5. Soap is freezing:

6. Even ANTIFREEZE is freezing:

7. I mean, look at this:

8. People are out here looking like Dr. Seuss characters:

9. Beards are freezing:

10. Tires are freezing:

u/sprgsmnt / Via

11. And, of course, faces are freezing:

Cameron Fire Department / Twitter: @ABC13Elita / Via Twitter: @ABC13Elita

12. This is happening INDOORS:

u/TheMadCatterFTW / Via

13. Nowhere is safe:

14. It's so cold, water is coming out as ICE:

15. I mean, it's so cold even ghosts are wearing pants:

16. Paint is PEELING off cars:

17. Car doors are being SNAPPED off:

18. Pants are becoming gold medal gymnasts:

Hey Polar Vortex, you may freeze my @JusticeForGirl pants but you’ll never kill their style #FrozenJustice #SisterhoodOfTheFrozenPants #PolarVortex #MNnice #BoldNorth #Negative50 #WinterFun #PerfectLanding

19. Vodka is turning into ice:

20. Peepholes are freezing eyes:

21. And look at this pole. It's shivering. SHIVERING!

Cadillac Michigan the light poles are shivering. Science mannn #PolarVortex2019 #PolarVortex #science #Michigan

22. Outlets are more like ICE-lets:

23. Bubbles are freezing in mid-air:

How cold is it in the Midwest? Bubbles are freezing. Remember to take your pets inside. #PolarVortex2019

24. And ice is, just like, appearing:

u/Nayb3n / Via

25. This is seriously insane:

26. But, hey, at least it's not cloudy... right???


Lord help us.

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