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    Updated on Dec 6, 2019. Posted on Apr 11, 2019

    21 Genius Coffee Shops That Are Lightyears Ahead Of Everybody Else

    Coffee served in cups made from recycled coffee — how meta is that?!

    1. This café serves coffee in cups made from recycled coffee:

    u/buttmogul / Via

    2. This coffee shop devised a way to let customers tell each other they're willing to share a table:

    u/trifflec / Via

    3. This coffee shop puts frozen coffee cubes in iced coffee so it doesn't get watered down:

    u/foreveradan / Via

    4. This coffee shop has creamer on tap, keeping it cold and fresh for customers:

    u/CranberryNapalm / Via

    5. This coffee shop recommends different sized cups depending on how much people slept the night before:

    u/MLGCatMilker / Via

    6. This coffee shop gives away used coffee grounds, which people can use as compost in their gardens:

    u/dazz9573 / Via

    7. This café gives people a free cup of joe if they pick up trash from the nearby beach:

    u/Chazster567 / Via

    8. This coffee shop has fettuccine instead of plastic stirrers, reducing the café's environmental impact:

    u/rj3069 / Via

    9. This café prints a picture of customers on their drink's foam:

    u/TheOneInTheHat / Via

    10. This coffee shop's illustrated menu is for everyone who can never remember the difference between a cappuccino and a macchiato:

    u/B_Underscore / Via

    11. And this coffee shop has a drink diagram that lets customers chart their own course:

    12. This café put plants beneath the water taps so not a single drop goes to waste:

    u/halfandhafu / Via

    13. This café has multiple hot water options for making different kinds of tea:

    u/hansteja / Via

    14. And the tea timer at this café has three hourglasses that correspond to different strengths:

    u/drslow4 / Via

    15. This coffee shop gives customers three kinds of toilet paper to choose from in the bathroom:

    u/prezpwns / Via

    16. This place has special lids for holding a cookie and keeping it nice and warm:

    u/MaciiNyan / Via

    17. This coffee shop has "boomerang mugs," which customers can borrow and return, in order to reduce waste:

    u/Lu0p / Via

    18. This coffee shop has a short story dispenser with three different story lengths:

    19. This coffee shop lets customers borrow an umbrella and get a free coffee when they return it:

    u/noomehtrevo / Via

    20. This coffee shop lets patrons treat strangers who might be short on cash or having a bad day to a cup of coffee:

    u/Phasyo / Via

    21. Finally, the umbrellas outside this café have USB ports so you can charge your phone while you yourself recharge:

    u/aden34 / Via